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STRATEGY FIRST: 6 tips on how to avoid CRM failure

Saturday, October 26th, 2019

While the CRM system often symbolises powerful changes and enduring success, sometimes the CRM can turn on the business. Instead of witnessing the great digital transformation as promised, the CRM project detours into a surprising fail. And, CRM failure happens more often than you think.

According to several data sources, the failure rate of CRM projects is somewhere between 30% and 63%Think of the time wasted or money spent. Yikes!

For years now, various research and CRM companies have tried to nail down the reasons behind the CRM fails. Based on what we gathered so far on the web, it seems like Forrester, Salesforce and Harvard Business Review share the same opinion on the matter. 

At its core, the reason why CRM projects fail so often lies in the absence of a CRM strategy.