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5 Signs Your Business Is Crying Out For a CRM

Sunday, January 12th, 2020

Every business owner has probably heard way too much about numerous CRM solutions.  In fact, if the flood of CRM information has somehow bypassed you – please reach out, I would love to meet you!

When you operate in a CRM industry as Cloud Orca does, you get used to seeing business growth daily.  The common thing we’ve noticed growing businesses share is the loss of balance in the process of scaling.  For instance, when new clients sign-on, the old ones incautiously get pushed to a second place.  Another example is when new staff joins the company (hurray!), and suddenly the business processes that worked yesterday – don’t cut it anymore.  Or when the sales team is so accustomed to frantically searching for a piece of client’s information while on a call so that entire team masters sign language.

If you recognise yourself in these examples, you might want to consider implementing a helpful long-term solution — a CRM solution, that is.