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Use Salesforce Inbox to Boost Sales Performance

Saturday, September 12th, 2020

Salesforce Inbox is the smart inbox that leads to a productive sales process. 

The app unites all of your email clients into one app, to ensure no information is missed and that the rest of the sales process flows smoothly. Research has repeatedly revealed how most sales reps waste time going back and forth between email and other applications, logging their activities into the system, and scheduling appointments on the fly.

In the era of virtual sales, where sales reps are increasingly likely to chat with the prospect from behind a computer screen — having quick access to necessary tools is vital. Salesforce Inbox helps cut the busy work from logging activities, scheduling appointments, and researching the prospects by uniting the CRM, calendar, and social media — right in your email client. From here, you can access your CRM data, create new or update old CRM contacts.

Read on to find out how Salesforce Inbox boosts sales performance. (more…)