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STAY UP-TO-DATE: 3 CRM trends to follow in 2020

Predictive analytics, chatbots and data unity are just some of the trendy phrases that come up when talking about enterprise technology and its use.

As time goes by, both businesses and customer’s needs evolve, leading us to a more productive, reliable and faster future, as per the market flow.

Luckily, technology has been keeping up with our needs.


For instance, just a few years back, we started talking about the issue of data silos, and now the majority of CRM’s are providing solutions in the form of a Single Source of Truth.

CRM platforms, as well as our application of them—evolve.  For that reason, we bring you the prevailing CRM trends we have seen so far in 2020 and our prediction of how they would grow going forward!


3 biggest CRM trends to follow in 2020



  • Enterprise AI is blooming. 


We have seen many advancements in AI research over the past few years, followed by the adoption of AI in the enterprise technology arena.

At this stage, with Salesforce, we can use natural language processing to search the CRM platform, use Einstein’s AI brainpower to predict the next best action and even discover data themes with Einstein Discovery.

We can safely say, AI is trendy. We have seen the number of companies using AI climb steadily, from only 20% of companies using AI in 2017, up to 47% in 2018. 

If you haven’t started with your AI use and you feel curious enough—browse through Einstein’s use cases, where you can get inspired by how other companies are already using Einstein AI to their benefit.


  • Siloed data is OUT.


And data coherence is IN. 

Whenever we talk about data, we talk about data silos. For the past few years, technology systems have been providing solutions to disintegrated data by offering data management platforms.

In 2020, we can notice a rise in choices of unifying solutions that promise a free flow of data, making your company better at anticipating your customer’s needs.

Unifying data is of extreme benefit, and even though it might be challenging, we all should find our way to tend to data silos. 

By using Salesforce CRM or MAP, you can rest assured your data along with your technology stack is set to achieve that goal, and stay in trend.


  • User experience is fashionable.


We have all been talking a lot about customer experience (CX), and the truth is, it’s necessary to discuss it.

However, what about the user experience (UX)?

Good user experience will aid high user adoption, which will lead to smarter and more effective use of the technology itself.  On the other hand, if the user experience is terrible, you might end up with a shiny new system and nobody interested enough to use it.  The best user experience will carry adjectives like effective, clear and fun, just like Salesforce with its Lightning User Experience.



Final thoughts

There are many CRM trends that we see coming into the focus, such as the increasing use of Mobile CRM, or having the CRM tied into your social channels.

We are opening up, unifying and becoming mobile, so make sure to keep your pace with the 2020 and beyond.

If you would like to chat about your CRM future, give us a shout, we would love to share our ideas on the best way forward.

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