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5 Signs Your Business Is Crying Out For a CRM

Every business owner has probably heard way too much about numerous CRM solutions.  In fact, if the flood of CRM information has somehow bypassed you – please reach out, I would love to meet you!

When you operate in a CRM industry as Cloud Orca does, you get used to seeing business growth daily.  The common thing we’ve noticed growing businesses share is the loss of balance in the process of scaling.  For instance, when new clients sign-on, the old ones incautiously get pushed to a second place.  Another example is when new staff joins the company (hurray!), and suddenly the business processes that worked yesterday – don’t cut it anymore.  Or when the sales team is so accustomed to frantically searching for a piece of client’s information while on a call so that entire team masters sign language.

If you recognise yourself in these examples, you might want to consider implementing a helpful long-term solution — a CRM solution, that is.


5 obvious signs you need a CRM now


The ‘new guy’ asked for specific client information, and he gets a story, instead of facts.

Staff turnover is always a tricky situation. It’s one of those situations that call for excellent customer service. However, without a CRM, some of the vital information will eventually fall between the cracks, which will cost you some client love in the process.


Company employees are tied to a specific location, desk or a workspace.  

For a business, having instant access to vital information at all times is crucial in 2020. The workforce must be mobile and adequately equipped with information (especially field service agents). Storing your data on a cloud CRM system is the only way to provide consistency to your business and memorable customer experience to your clients.


The workforce is divided and full of single-players.

Every department plays a role in customer experience. The marketing team captures leads, the sales team closes deals and customer service nurtures the customers. If clear communication isn’t present between different departments (or even different staff members), it won’t be long before customers get tired of repeating the same information to a different company member over and over again.


The sales team uses the ‘gut feeling’ way too often.

Nurturing leads shouldn’t be an alien expression in 2020. Even more, we all know what smart personalisation does to sales results. If your sales team can’t discern between the leads that are ripe and ready from the ones that need more time, be assured – you are losing money.


The reporting process requires checking numerous data sources, spending several hours and some serious mental strength.

When crucial data is difficult to access, or even when it’s accessible, but not translatable… Well, you know what the solution is. Do not take reporting too lightly; otherwise, how will you know how well your business is doing or what will be the next logical step?




Not only will a CRM save you some stress, but will additionally provide transparency, stability and painless scalability to a business. There is only a limited number of things a company can do without a CRM; however, once the CRM automation is implemented and correctly adopted, rest assured – the sky is the limit.

Are you contemplating your CRM needs? Connect with us to discover how Salesforce can work for you!

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