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An agile business with an authentic approach
and a proven track record.

Welcome to Cloud Orca

Salesforce Platinum Consulting
Partner & AppExchange Partner

Since 2018, our agile and authentic approach, coupled with experience and expertise in advancing technology means we are committed to only implementing solutions that drive tangible results. Cloud Orca has quickly gained a reputation for increasing the efficiency, productivity and profitability of a business.

We are lucky to have worked with and formed partnerships with a multitude of businesses by implementing Salesforce for them.

It’s important that we work closely with the people that will be both using and managing the CRM and marketing solutions. Using this approach, we can accurately assess and understand the unique requirements of your business and the bespoke way that each business, and team, will be using the technology.

Doing business in this way has led to us creating long-lasting partnerships. We pride ourselves on our ethical approach and seek to work with like-minded businesses.

Cloud Orca Team

A diverse team of Salesforce experts

As a team of Salesforce advisors, consultants, developers and all-round enthusiasts, we strive to stay ahead of the curve. This means sitting up and paying attention to the changes and advancements in technology that will make a marked difference in your business.

Being an agile team of experts, we can stay both proactive and reactive.

Here, at Cloud Orca, it’s all about the work you produce and furthering yourself within your life and career, which is what is really important.

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Our Core Values

Conducting business in a responsible, ethical and
purpose-driven way is part of the fabric of Cloud Orca.

Socially Responsible
Technological Advancements
Customer Success

Our Partners

Working together to empower organisations through the cloud

Social Responsibility

Making the world a better place is close to our hearts and we take our social responsibility seriously

Cloud Orca was founded on ethical principles that have shaped the way that each department conducts itself. Our experience of working with several organisations that have a profound positive impact on society has led us to become ever-more passionate and committed to doing the same.
This is why we opted to join the Salesforce pledge. A minimum of 1% of our time, profits and resources are diverted to socially responsible causes each year.
Of employees
time annually
Of profit from
our business
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