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What if you could take the increased efficiencies, collaboration and productivity that the Salesforce ecosystem affords - to the next level? We have utilised the team’s years of experience and expertise, creating a range of free and paid-for apps that enhance Salesforce functionality for companies and users worldwide.

Enhance the power of Salesforce using apps that genuinely add value

Apps built for Salesforce by Salesforce users

This means you can be confident that they genuinely add value to your user experience. We spotted the areas of opportunity so that you and your team can benefit from our solutions.

Cloud Orca’s app solutions are designed using our experience of delivering many successful projects. We aim to create solutions that fill in any missing gaps of functionality that Salesforce users need. Our range of free and paid-for apps are available to download directly from the Salesforce AppExchange.

Case Timer

Case Timer 2.0 has been updated to Lightning Web Components (LWC). Use Case Timer 2.0 to track the amount of time users spend on case,  Improve efficiency across your organisation, ensure SLAs are met and uncover actionable metrics with this free Salesforce app.

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Salesforce Licence Inspector

Can't make sense of who is assigned what licence in the system? This app is here to help! With this application, you can easily see who is assigned what licence at a glance.

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Group Leads by Company

Group Leads by Company 2.0 has migrated to LWC. This app helps save time and ensure data quality by automatically grouping and mass converting leads based on a specified criteria.

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Celebrate with Style

Use Celebrate with Style to integrate an extensive range of customisable celebration animations into your organisation. Engaging and entertaining, this is sure to bring a smile to your users!

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Case Auto Assign

Use Case Auto Assign to save time and ensure Cases are assigned in an automated manner. Optimise your service reps response and reduce downtime through Auto Assign automatically assigning Cases to logged-in users.

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Convert Contact to Person Account

This Flow Solution provides you with a Flow that easily converts a Contact into a Person Account.

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Convert Business Account to Person Account

This Flow Solution provides you with a Flow that easily converts a Business Account into a Person Account.

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Convert Person Account to Business Account

This Flow Solution provides you with a Flow that easily converts a Person Account into a Business Account.

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Convert Person Account Flows

This package provides you with our range of Person Account conversion Flows.

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Currency Rates API

Our Currency Rates API is a Salesforce compatible implementation of the FixerIO API, providing the latest currency rates collected from multiple reputable sources.

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Mass Delete

Mass delete is a simple productivity and data cleaning tool used to help remove obsolete information or delete sensitive client information as per GDPR.

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Record Assignment - Queues & Users

Use this app to effortlessly manage queue creation and user assignments. Streamline record distribution among users with this simplified, intuitive redesign of the Salesforce Queues function.

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Use this app to capture data from emails and create new Leads with a single click.

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