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Accelerate Your Sales With Salesforce Sales Engagement

Salesforce has invested a lot of effort to make the sales process as seamless as possible. With its Sales Engagement product, sales reps can enjoy higher levels of efficiency and use their energy to close more deals instead of wasting time on repetitive admin tasks.

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Revolut x Cloud Orca

Revolut select Cloud Orca to act as their digital transformation partner, tasked with implementing a multi-cloud Salesforce solution to support their sales and support operations

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Einstein OCR — What is it & how to use it?

As technology evolves, the use of AI is becoming increasingly notable in the business arena. Salesforce has moved quite a bit into the AI space and one of the prominent examples is Einstein OCR.

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Salesforce Announces Einstein GPT

Salesforce Announces Einstein GPT, the World’s First Generative AI for CRM

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Salesforce DevOps Center – How can it help you?!

Salesforce DevOps Center is a replacement for Change Sets. Previously, Salesforce users used Change Sets to move changes from sandbox to production. With DevOps Center, Salesforce has simplified and improved the experience of managing changes.

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Empower Data-Driven Decisions and Improve Business Agility With Salesforce’s CRM Analytics

Having a powerful analytics tool is no longer nice to have. Analytics has quickly become a crucial tool for businesses to incorporate into their technology stack.

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Salesforce and WhatsApp

Salesforce allows both service and sales reps to communicate with customers, while ingraining Einstein Bots in the mix to automate and improve WhatsApp message delivery to customers.

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Salesforce Genie and Data

Salesforce Genie is the next step in the evolution of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) world, bringing real-time customer data across the entire collection of Salesforce products

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Leverage Free Apps by Cloud Orca

With so many tasks occupying our work routines, it's wise to optimise wherever possible. Luckily, as devoted users of Salesforce, Cloud Orca's team has spotted areas where your daily routines can be improved - quickly, efficiently, and with no extra cost.

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Slack and Salesforce for Smoother Communications

To sum up, Slack’s new integrations allow pulling in actionable data directly from Salesforce Customer 360, including Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. This means your sales, service, and marketing teams can quickly act on accounts, tickets, and leads, as well as connect with customers directly from Slack.

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Salesforce Focus – What to Expect in 2023

Going into 2023 knowing Salesforce is committed to a ‘new way of working’, always bringing innovation to the table and of course, agility to create success for its customers. But what can we expect in 2023?

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Optimise the sales funnel with Salesforce

The goal of the sales funnel is to nurture prospects through each stage, removing people who do not fit, or do not need your product or service at that time. Through this process, the window of opportunity narrows, but results in sales teams being provided with qualified leads that are more likely to convert into customers.

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Four ways Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help to maximise your digital marketing efforts

Digital marketing has been through a period of rapid transformation, check out four ways Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help to maximise your digital marketing efforts

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Utilising B2B Marketing Analytics to make data driven decisions

Pardot B2B Marketing Analytics makes these actions easy for marketers to achieve. Its advanced analysis capabilities enable you to easily explore data from across your marketing channels so that you can track your performance and quickly take data-driven decisions.

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10 things we love about Quip

Collaboration tools like Salesforce's Quip are transforming the way organisations can work together, by supporting teams to collectively create and edit documents to improving efficiencies.

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5 quick tips on how to engage your remote workers with Salesforce

Check out some ideas on how to use the Salesforce platform to ease remote working. This way, you can have a fluid business and engaged workforce while preparing for a remote-working future.

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Successful Salesforce implementations: 5 tips to help you navigate the process easily

Even though Salesforce technology is here to make our lives easier, implementing it isn’t a walk in the park. Check out 5 tips to help you navigate the implementation process easily

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From spreadsheets to Salesforce – tips to assist your migration process

Every business is different; therefore, every implementation, including the process of migration, will be different as well. Yet, many share common elements.

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Learning to use Salesforce – A stress free beginners guide

Like many who came before you, working with a new CRM system can feel overwhelming, maybe even leave you worried about your progress. Check out our three tips on how to navigate your learning path as a beginner user and skip any confusion in the process.

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Beginners guide to implementing Salesforce Einstein in your business

Salesforce introduced Einstein AI in 2016, and since then, Einstein has evolved into an array of features that we can choose from, based on our use cases and customer expectations.

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Salesforce for Beginners – Things You Need to Know

Today you can find software to automate almost anything, and it’s getting harder not to lose your sanity in the sea of letters and words that evidently mean something important. Our blog will help understand what exactly CRM and MAP are!

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5 Signs Your Business Is Crying Out For a CRM

Not only will a CRM save you some stress but will additionally provide transparency, stability and painless scalability to a business. Check out 5 Signs Your Business Is Crying Out For a CRM.

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3 easy ways to enhance the customer experience with Salesforce

Customer experience is creating a lot of buzz today. For the past few years, we have been hearing about how customer experience is a key brand differentiator. In other words, customer experience will soon be more important than the price tag or product quality. 

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Master Email Marketing with Pardot

Not every email you sent will serve the same goal, but that doesn’t mean that the best practice shouldn’t apply. We’ve listed our tips that will help you build better emails in Pardot, regardless of your objective.

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Marketing Automation – Jargon Explained

Marketing automation is software that streamlines your daily marketing tasks and aims to eradicate any unnecessary repetition in your marketing efforts and scale them without putting in more hours of work.

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6 tips on how to avoid CRM failure

CRM strategy is a product of planning and business alignment before the CRM implementation takes place.

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3 proven ways how the 360-degree view helps your business grow

The idea behind a 360-degree customer view is to connect the dots by combining the data from various touchpoints that connect the customer with the company.

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Chilly’s x Cloud Orca

Cloud Orca and Chilly’s have embarked on a journey together to implement Salesforce that enables full scalability and flexibility to move Chilly’s business forward

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Three Common Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

There are many mistakes we can make with email marketing (and we all did them at some point), so here, we bring you the three big blunders you should avoid at all costs

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Service Cloud & Social Studio — Why and How to Practise Social Customer Care

Salesforce Service Cloud helps customer care agents respond to customer inquiries swiftly and effectively, Social Studio is Salesforce's solution that facilitates posting, responding and listening on social media platforms. When joined, they become — Social Customer Service.

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Pardot Lead Qualification: Setting-up the lead scoring and lead grading system

Pardot’s lead qualification helps businesses identify the leads that are ready to buy through its lead scoring and grading system


THE EQUALITY TALK: Supercharge the company culture by absorbing strong values

Leading a conversation on the subject of company diversity or gender equality is not as gratifying as it used to be. The idea of equality advanced a great deal. And that's a good thing.

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5 tips to boost user adoption and foster CRM success

The truth is – some people don’t like change, even when the change is for the absolute best. Moreover, implementing a new CRM system is an enormous change for end-users. And since a low system adoption rate can have a massive negative impact on the business, we believe it’s critical to talk about it.

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Is Salesforce the right choice for your startup?

Many decisions you make in your startup can be difficult, but picking the right CRM doesn’t have to be one of them. The secret to easy choosing is in asking the right questions

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Key distinctions between Pardot and HubSpot

Both Pardot and HubSpot start at the same point. They are marketing automation platforms. Both of which are built to scale your marketing efforts. They even share the same goal - an increase in revenue.

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Personalising with Pardot will engage your audience, this is how!

Check out these 3 methods to personalise with Pardot for optimal engagement

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Salesforce Sales Cloud or Microsoft Dynamics?

The CRM industry is highly competitive, forming the biggest software market with expectations to grow up to $40.26 billion in size in 2023. Even though we can find numerous CRM products today, the most significant influencers are still the two giants; Salesforce and Microsoft


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