About Tony Di Carlo

Tony is Cloud Orca's Customer Success Director. He has vast experience across media, technology, sports, events and broadcasting and focuses on Cloud Orca customer success. Tony ensures that customers receive what they expect during their implementation and manages their fruition with the platform and Cloud Orca by creating a product roadmap for mutual success.

Salesforce Sales Cloud or Microsoft Dynamics?
The CRM industry is highly competitive, forming the biggest software market with expectations to grow up to $40.26 billion in size in 2023.  Even though we can find numerous CRM products today, the most significant influencers are still the two giants; Salesforce and Microsoft. While Salesforce holds 19% of the CRM
Learning to use Salesforce – A stress-free beginners guide
So you have your Salesforce login credentials and now you’re ready to take Salesforce for a spin. Excellent news! Like many who came before you, working with a new CRM system can feel overwhelming, maybe even leave you worried about your progress.  High CRM adoption rates are more important than
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Woobot: Real-Time Slack & Teams Integration With Salesforce
Here at Cloud Orca we’ve seen our customers’ business disrupted by the Covid 19 event. Work activities and client interactions have all substantially moved online at a record pace. Platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack have taken over as organisation work to bridge the collaboration gap.  The disruption this is
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TRAILHEAD 101 – A beginners guide to the Salesforce learning platform
Salesforce Trailhead is a place where the Salesforce community usually starts to learn about itself.  Judging by Wikipedia, the definition of a Trailhead goes something like this: “A trailhead is a point at which a trail begins, where the trail is often intended for hiking, biking, horseback riding, or off-road vehicles.”
5 tips to boost user adoption and foster CRM success
During the time that we’ve been Salesforce consulting partners, we have worked with many business leaders on the digital transformation of their companies. Most of them were very much aware of the Salesforce capabilities, even before the implementation. Due to that awareness, the business leaders often shared Cloud Orca’s enthusiasm for