About Tony Di Carlo

Tony is Cloud Orca's Customer Success Director. He has vast experience across media, technology, sports, events and broadcasting and focuses on Cloud Orca customer success. Tony ensures that customers receive what they expect during their implementation and manages their fruition with the platform and Cloud Orca by creating a product roadmap for mutual success.

STAY UP-TO-DATE: 3 CRM trends to follow in 2021
So what does 2021 have in store from us from a CRM point of view?  What we can be sure of is that technology is constantly evolving and that means so do our businesses. Look at how CRM has changed over the past 5 years, it’s quicker, smarter, easier and
Salesforce Sales Cloud or Microsoft Dynamics?
The CRM industry is highly competitive, forming the biggest software market with expectations to grow up to $40.26 billion in size in 2023.  Even though we can find numerous CRM products today, the most significant influencers are still the two giants; Salesforce and Microsoft. While Salesforce holds 19% of the CRM
Boosting Digital Engagement with Salesforce
Boosting Digital Engagement with Salesforce through WhatsApp, Live Chat, SMS and Facebook   Maintaining several channels to engage with customers has become a regular occurrence with businesses. However, keeping up with market trends and customer’s expectations is what tips the scales in your favour.  There are many benefits of boosting digital
B2B Marketing Analytics – Creating Smarter B2B Marketers
B2B Marketing Analytics is what it sounds like – Marketing Analytics for B2B Marketers.
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Three Common Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid 
Email marketing is still one of the leading ways to connect with your leads and customers. Or annoy them.   Today, marketers are bombarded with tactics and methods promoted as the ‘the next best thing’ – urging them to try it out. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic opportunity to live in