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B2B Marketing Analytics – Creating Smarter B2B Marketers

B2B Marketing Analytics is what it sounds like – Marketing Analytics for B2B Marketers.

In essence, B2B Marketing Analytics is where your Salesforce and Pardot data come together, allowing you to see the full sales cycle in one place. It uses Einstein Analytics App to aggregate the data and make it actionable for its users.   Furthermore, B2B Marketing Analytics comes with out-of-the-box and customisable dashboards to view and report on metrics and share insights within different teams.


What is new with B2B Marketing Analytics?

With the Summer ‘20 release, Salesforce announced several enhancements including security upgrades for SSL-enabled Pardot assets to load over HTTPS. Among other improvements, users can have easier data syncing by turning on Person Account Syncing and employ Einstein AI to identify the most effective campaigns in the customer journey more accurately.

Additionally, you can follow precise steps in the Salesforce Setup to get started with B2B Marketing Analytics.  But the most prominent news that emerged out of the Summer ‘20 release is B2B Marketing Analytics Plus.


Uncovering the B2B Marketing Analytics Plus

B2B Marketing Analytics Plus brings in some of the features that benefit businesses who have multiple data sources and require further insight into the next best steps.  More specifically, the B2B Marketing Analytics Plus will combine the data from Salesforce, Pardot and external data sources for better understanding and predictive analysis.

B2B Marketing Analytics Plus uses Einstein AI to sort through the data to determine which campaigns performed best and, more importantly— it answers the question of why the performance results were such. Moreover, the Einstein Attribution feature helps assign revenue along buyer journey touchpoints to maximise ROI at every stage of the journey. 

Users can access the analytics right from their Salesforce CRM or Pardot Lightning App to leverage different datasets and create custom dashboards, reports and predictive models to help answer the question their organisation has about campaign performance.

Within B2B Marketing Analytics Plus users can discover a library of App templates available to them to help answer common business questions across various industries.


The first two apps (out of many) available within B2B Marketing Analytics Plus include:

  • Marketing Campaign Insights
  • Account-Based Marketing


For a more in-depth look into the ‘hidden’ patterns and relationships inside the dataflows, the Marketing Campaign Intelligence app and Einstein Discovery Story advise users on the best steps in future campaigns.


B2B marketing Analytics Plus is generally available in Salesforce Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions with Pardot Premium or the B2B Marketing Analytics Plus add-on.


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