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5 Signs Your Business Is Crying Out For a CRM

Not only will a CRM save you some stress but will additionally provide transparency, stability and painless scalability to a business. Check out 5 Signs Your Business Is Crying Out For a CRM.

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3 easy ways to enhance the customer experience with Salesforce

Customer experience is creating a lot of buzz today. For the past few years, we have been hearing about how customer experience is a key brand differentiator. In other words, customer experience will soon be more important than the price tag or product quality. 

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Master Email Marketing with Pardot

Not every email you sent will serve the same goal, but that doesn’t mean that the best practice shouldn’t apply. We’ve listed our tips that will help you build better emails in Pardot, regardless of your objective.

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Marketing Automation – Jargon Explained

Marketing automation is software that streamlines your daily marketing tasks and aims to eradicate any unnecessary repetition in your marketing efforts and scale them without putting in more hours of work.

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6 tips on how to avoid CRM failure

CRM strategy is a product of planning and business alignment before the CRM implementation takes place.

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Salesforce Administration — 7 Best Practices!

We have implemented numerous Salesforce instances and trained various profiles of users. As a result, we have gathered many nuggets of wisdom, which we wish to share with you here, so that you can improve your Salesforce administration practice.

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5 ways Salesforce Marketing Cloud inspires outstanding results

5 ways Salesforce Marketing Cloud will inspire you to play bigger and better

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3 proven ways how the 360-degree view helps your business grow

The idea behind a 360-degree customer view is to connect the dots by combining the data from various touchpoints that connect the customer with the company.

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Chilly’s x Cloud Orca

Cloud Orca and Chilly’s have embarked on a journey together to implement Salesforce that enables full scalability and flexibility to move Chilly’s business forward

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Three Common Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

There are many mistakes we can make with email marketing (and we all did them at some point), so here, we bring you the three big blunders you should avoid at all costs

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Service Cloud & Social Studio — Why and How to Practise Social Customer Care

Salesforce Service Cloud helps customer care agents respond to customer inquiries swiftly and effectively, Social Studio is Salesforce's solution that facilitates posting, responding and listening on social media platforms. When joined, they become — Social Customer Service.

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Use Salesforce Inbox to Boost Sales Performance

Salesforce Inbox is the smart inbox that leads to a productive sales process. 

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Pardot Lead Qualification: Setting-up the lead scoring and lead grading system

Pardot’s lead qualification helps businesses identify the leads that are ready to buy through its lead scoring and grading system

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Automating B2B marketing? 5 ways Pardot will support your vision

Pardot is designed to help B2B organisations, by supporting the longer buyer-cycle while nurturing leads all the way through to the purchase stage. To illustrate Pardot’s mastery better, we have broken down the most profitable activities you can use it for


THE EQUALITY TALK: Supercharge the company culture by absorbing strong values

Leading a conversation on the subject of company diversity or gender equality is not as gratifying as it used to be. The idea of equality advanced a great deal. And that's a good thing.

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5 tips to boost user adoption and foster CRM success

The truth is – some people don’t like change, even when the change is for the absolute best. Moreover, implementing a new CRM system is an enormous change for end-users. And since a low system adoption rate can have a massive negative impact on the business, we believe it’s critical to talk about it.

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Is Salesforce the right choice for your startup?

Many decisions you make in your startup can be difficult, but picking the right CRM doesn’t have to be one of them. The secret to easy choosing is in asking the right questions

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Boosting Digital Engagement with Salesforce

Boosting Digital Engagement with Salesforce through WhatsApp, Live Chat, SMS and Facebook

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Key distinctions between Pardot and HubSpot

Both Pardot and HubSpot start at the same point. They are marketing automation platforms. Both of which are built to scale your marketing efforts. They even share the same goal - an increase in revenue.

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Personalising with Pardot will engage your audience, this is how!

Check out these 3 methods to personalise with Pardot for optimal engagement

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Salesforce Sales Cloud or Microsoft Dynamics?

The CRM industry is highly competitive, forming the biggest software market with expectations to grow up to $40.26 billion in size in 2023. Even though we can find numerous CRM products today, the most significant influencers are still the two giants; Salesforce and Microsoft


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