February 4 2022
Author Tony Di Carlo

10 things we love about Quip

10 things we love about Quip.. 


The end may be in sight when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, but hybrid working is here to stay. Thankfully, collaboration tools like Salesforce’s Quip are transforming the way organisations can work together, by supporting teams to collectively create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations remotely, whilst improving efficiency and security with task tracking and encryption features.

We talked about a few ways to help engage remote workers using Salesforce here and Quip plays a major role in that.


Roy Dennis, a Senior Salesforce Consultant at Cloud Orca, explained: “Quip enables teams to remain connected, efficient and productive when based away from the office. The platform is a combination of Slack and Google Documents rolled into one, with advanced productivity tools and security features. It aids a modern approach to hybrid working, by supporting collaboration across any device so that teams remain connected and efficient.”


So, how can Quip benefit your organisation?


1) Collaborate in one document, whether working online or offline, on a mobile or web app

Quip provides teams with the tools to collaborate effectively across spreadsheets, word documents and presentations, no matter where they are located, or whether accessing the content via mobile or web app. Updates are in real-time and available for all to see – even when working offline. This enables teams to be better aligned and more efficient, maintaining information in a single place, without switching between multiple applications.


2) Benefit from faster feedback loops, improving efficiency and breaking down silos

Features like the chat function and @mention, which notifies a person when an action is required and automatically creates a task for them in their task finder, help to speed up reviews and enhance collaboration, breaking down silos between teams and individuals.

Chat rooms also enable deeper and more detailed conversions to be carried out on a chosen subject, while feedback prompts and polls achieve team engagement and enable more people to participate in decision making. This enables you to get instant answers and have a record of the conversation so you can easily search and return to it later.


3) Express personality and have fun, whilst getting the job done efficiently

The ability to add links, gifs and emojis to conversations helps to retain some of the fun that typically goes on in an office environment, so that people can personalise and express their personalities, even when working remotely.


4) Standardise, automate and embed processes to improve service quality and best practice

Through the use of standard templates, Quip also helps to standardise and automate approaches to repeatable tasks, such as executive briefings, account planning, onboarding and qualification notes.

Templates are available out of the box, or you can create your own to suit the needs of your organisation. They can be shared and returned to over time, speeding up the way you work and improving the quality of outputs through proven formulas.


5) Optimise project management and maintain momentum with tracking features

The project tracker app enables you to pinpoint key milestones along the project, define ownership across the team and organise tasks, which helps to improve productivity and ensure everyone is clear on their roles, responsibilities and deadlines in relation to the project.


6) Prefill documents with CRM data to streamline sales activities with a single source of data

Quip enables you to populate content with CRM data, to ensure sales teams stay aligned with up-to-date information. For example, sales plans can be linked to live CRM data with a two-way sync and embedded in Sales Cloud, so teams can work in real-time from a single source of information.


7) Ensure data longevity and accuracy with “live paste”

Updating information in multiple places can be tough. Quip’s live paste feature enables you to copy the information to other Quip documents with ease. All you need to do is right-click and live paste it in and every time the source Quip document is edited, all Quip documents that are linked will be automatically updated. This means there is no need to continuously go back, copy and paste updated reports, meaning people can always access the most up to date information.


8) Support the concentration of employees with the ability to minimise distractions

Focus mode clears your Quip sidebars, notifications and chats so that you can concentrate on the document you are working on – without distractions.


9) Achieve optimum data security with encryption features

Quip’s multi-tenant cloud offering and APIs ensure the security of your data straight out of the box. All your information is encrypted, auditable and controlled, with the ability to track viewers and editing events, tailor what data is shared depending on your business needs, and control networking setup, compliance controls and more, with security customisation features.

Virus scanning, secure keys and controlled access also keeps hackers away and ensures only the correct people can access information.


10) Benefit from easy implementation and user adoption with dedicated support teams

Quips intuitive user experience ensures the smooth and quick adoption of the system, aided by a dedicated support team who are on hand to help should you encounter any problems.


Final Thoughts

As we move into a much more hybrid approach to working, platforms such as Salesforce and the use of Quip will play a major role in the continued success of companies.  To find out more on Quip and see how we use it, contact us now!

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