June 7 2021
Author Ed Rowland

Automating B2B marketing? 5 ways Pardot will support your vision

Marketing automation is becoming a must-have for all types of companies today. The need to scale marketing efforts is causing the marketing technology landscape to birth new solutions consistently, which is adding to an already crowded space. In fact, the Martech landscape included 7,040 marketing technology solutions in 2019.

So it is safe to assume — marketing automation is in demand. However, it’s crucial to remember that technology doesn’t do miracles by itself; humans must set it up to achieve satisfying results. This is where we come in.

We are thrilled to help you understand how to get the most out of Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation platform; better known as — Pardot.

5 examples of how Pardot helps boost the B2B Marketing game

1. Pardot gets more leads in

Pardot will assure your demand generation and lead generation activities are supported. Pardot offers drag and drop forms, keyword and competition monitoring, social media posting and Google Ads integration. With Pardot, your leads will experience smooth sailing from the first time they connect with your company till they make their purchase.

2. The sales team only engages with warm and time-worthy leads

Pardot tracks your prospect’s activities, then pushes them through scoring and grading system, helping you filter leads by their relevance and purchase power. As a result, your sales team gets only the best leads with the highest score, ensuring no time is wasted, and the closing rate is off the charts.

3. All of the marketing efforts are amplified

Pardot offers leading features in the industry that will not only help you increase your marketing impact but also save time while doing it.

Campaign automation becomes better with dynamic lists, while the lead nurturing potential is through the roof with drip programs and personalised call-outs. At the same time; landing pages boost effectiveness with multivariate testing, and email marketing turns into a fun game with email templates and tests available in Pardot.

4. Sales, customer service and marketing department become one

Seamless integration with the Salesforce CRM guarantees you will never skip a beat on the best leads as they connect with your company. All departments will perform their duties, at the right time, without confusing the prospect.

5. You do more of the activities that work now, whilst adjusting for tomorrow

No matter what your marketing strategy includes, Pardot’s reporting features will track your efforts and translate the results for you. Pardot reporting covers everything from content, SEO, opportunities, emails, forms to landing pages. In addition to these powerful insights, Pardot offers predictive analytics, which will enable you to predict the future behaviour of your leads.


Final Thoughts

Because Pardot is so powerful, naturally it will work best with companies who play bigger. If you are ready to amplify your marketing game, reach out to us! Together with Pardot, we will empower you through the cloud

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