July 23 2021
Author Ed Rowland

5 ways Salesforce Marketing Cloud inspires outstanding results

If you ask any marketer how marketing automation technology is assisting them in their day to day operations, prepare yourself for a longer conversation than you anticipated.

The reason is – marketing automation platform serves across all stages of the customer lifecycle, digs deep into customer behaviour and streamlines almost every activity in the marketer’s playbook.  Moreover, in the case of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you might want to carve out a sizeable portion of your day even to scratch the surface of what this marketing automation suite offers.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is built to cover everything you might need or wish for in your journey to delivering an excellent customer experience. From the initial contact with your customer all the way through to the purchase stage and advocacy, Salesforce Marketing Cloud has got you covered.

Also, research firm Forrester named Salesforce Marketing Cloud a leader in the Enterprise Marketing Software Suites after receiving the highest possible scores in the criteria of artificial intelligence, customer experience capabilities, consumer privacy, product vision, partner ecosystem and services, and support.

If you are still not as convinced as we are – here is a list of 5 crispt details to get you going..

5 ways Salesforce Marketing Cloud will inspire you to play bigger and better


  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud facilitates an omnichannel customer experience. 

For a company, delivering an omnichannel experience implies that the customers can hop from one channel to another without skipping a beat. As we increase the number of communication channels with our customers, so we must create a holistic approach as well. The customers judge an organisation based on their experience as a whole, and not just by interactions with individual departments, which is why omnichannel is the way forward.


  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud empowers personalisation at scale. 

By using AI-infused Marketing Cloud capabilities such as Personalisation builder and Audience Builder, marketers can target specific customers, thoroughly segment them and from there, build a personalised approach according to their characteristics.


  •  Salesforce Marketing Cloud brings transparency and accountability into the primary focus. 

By uniting the marketing data under one roof, Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows multiple departments to leverage the single source of truth and therefore, drive better results for each department.


  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps companies keep a close eye on the customers throughout their journey with the company. 

This marketing automation solution provides functionalities such as Analytics Builder that brings clarity by tracking and measuring the performance along the way. When paired with the Einstein AI machine-learning capabilities, companies can uncover insights and predictions to help them steer their efforts in the right direction.


  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a scalable platform that easily connects with a variety of other technology solutions. 

Because of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud futuristic outlook on technology and marketing, the platform connects to most systems and third-party solutions that businesses use within their marketing stack. This way, your marketing operations are ready to scale and boldly move into the future.


Final Thoughts

As we mentioned in the beginning, outlining all the functionalities available within Salesforce Marketing Cloud would take a long time. If you are inspired to learn more, or even better—if you would like to find out what Salesforce Marketing Cloud can do for you specifically—reach out to us.

Once we learn a bit more about your business, we can offer you a piece of tailored advice on the best ways to use this marketing automation platform.

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