May 30 2023
Author Tony Di Carlo

Accelerate Your Sales With Salesforce Sales Engagement

Sales are an essential part of any business, which is why we also call it the lifeblood of the company.

During the past years, traditional selling has changed its shape to become more digital, leaving sales reps to change their tactics and adjust their daily practices.
Today, many sales reps rely on technology to support their interactions with prospects.

However, in our digital age, selling has also become more intricate. There are many moving pieces when engaging with prospects digitally. Sales reps must write emails, schedule calls, know their prospects’ wants and needs, and reach out at the right time. These accumulated tasks cause sales reps to waste their time on admin duties rather than connecting to leads and prospects.

According to the State of Sales report from Salesforce, on average, a sales rep working primarily from a desk spends only 32% of their day selling.

Fortunately, Salesforce has invested a lot of effort to make the sales process as seamless as possible. With its Sales Engagement product, sales reps can enjoy higher levels of efficiency and use their energy to close more deals instead of wasting time on repetitive admin tasks.

Let’s take a more closer look at Sales Engagement.

Sales Engagement Features

Sales Engagement brings a tab-based workspace where sales reps can find everything to help them create new opportunities, engage with leads, and close deals.

Lightning Dialer
Lightning Dialer is a functionality that allows sales reps to click to call their prospects right from their digital workspace. The feature brings possibilities to access call scripts to stay on top of the conversation flow, leave a voicemail, and track the results of the call.

Sales Cadences
The Sales Cadences feature brings an excellent opportunity for managers to outline the sales process step by step. By leveraging Sales Cadences, sales reps can follow the activities set by managers, enjoying a seamless progression of the sales process. Actions appear automatically — when one finishes, the next is scheduled.

Work Queues
The Work Queues feature brings sales reps an overview of their priorities as they move through their work day. The feature automates priority management and brings clarity to their work process.

Einstein Lead Score
Einstein Lead Scoring helps sales reps gain insight into leads’ probability to convert. This feature analyses the lead data and gives a historical overview of the interactions to help sales reps close deals faster.

Einstein Activity Capture
With Einstein Activity Capture, sales reps can enjoy automatic activity logging. The feature relates relevant emails and meetings to the correct records, continuously keeping the sales reps in the loop on the latest activity and relieving them from extra admin hassle.

Final thoughts

Sales Engagement offers a practical way for sales reps to excel in their jobs. By using the product, they can navigate the features themselves and switch between workspace views to leverage a helpful component while working with other tabs or subtabs.

Cloud Orca has helped numerous businesses leverage the power of Sales Engagement in their day-to-day. If you wish to try the product and need a helping hand in the process, give us a shout.

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