April 23 2022
Author Tony Di Carlo

Four ways Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help to maximise your digital marketing efforts

Four ways Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help to maximise your digital marketing efforts


Digital marketing has been through a period of rapid transformation and the void between companies that have invested in their marketing efforts and are doing things well – and those that haven’t, is becoming increasingly visible.

It is not enough to sporadically send emails and reactively put posts out on social media, customers need to be nurtured with data-driven, personalised communications that speak directly to their customer’s needs, interests and requirements – or lose opportunities to their competitors.

This is where Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help. The dream tool for digital marketers enables teams to:

Optimise every stage of the customer journey

Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables teams to seamlessly deliver cross-functional marketing campaigns across their digital channels, ranging from social media to email, mobile and web.

Using Journey Builder functionality, teams can gain a 360-degree view of how, and where, stakeholders are interacting with the brand across platforms. For example, whether they opened an email, clicked on a social media link, or filled out a website form to request more information.

Every action taken by potential leads and customers triggers an automated response, which helps to guide the customer journey. For example, if someone has left something in their basket, they may get an email notifying them that there is “something they left behind”, or they may get notified that their favourite saved item has gone into sale, or that they need to fill out a form.

This helps to deliver a seamless customer experience across marketing, sales and service functions, creating connected and relevant consumer paths, and generating attention and awareness along the customer journey.


Automate your marketing efforts to connect with customers 

Marketing Cloud makes routine digital marketing efforts such as customer segmentation, file uploads and data extraction easier to execute, improving efficiency and maximising the efforts of marketing teams.

Products like, Mobile Studio, Email Studio and Advertising Studio make it easy to create plans and schedule communications to go out across your digital platforms. This helps to facilitate a smoother and more efficient workflow while achieving better customer engagement and retention.

All of your marketing collateral is held in one place, creating the space for your marketing and communication teams to collaborate, whether drafting content, designing, reviewing or publishing information.


Make data driven decisions

Utilising data effectively is at the heart of every great marketing campaign. Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables you to gather data at every stage of the customer journey, so that you can obtain a single unified vision of the customer, optimising every interaction in order to achieve greater ROI.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud you can simply build a complete profile of customers, gathering an abundance of information on demographics, interactions and actions.

The data is simply presented to you in easy-to-understand dashboards and statistics, which enable teams to gain a complete understanding of levels of engagement and buyer behaviours. As a result, marketing and communication teams can develop unique, interesting, audience-specific messages that will resonate with leads at the optimum moment.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud also helps teams to listen to brand mentions across online touchpoints, analyse the sentiment and take action. This helps to improve business credibility and customer service by addressing criticism in real-time.

Marketing Cloud also uses predictive analytics to assess a customer’s behavioural history and forecast future actions. For example, if a customer always buys items when they go on sale, then they’ll receive a notification that alerts them when the sale is launched. It’s smart features like this that help marketeers to maximise engagement within their campaigns and reach KPIs.


Personalise your communications

The wealth of data available from Salesforce Marketing Cloud also makes it easy for teams to personalise their marketing communications. This helps to improve customer engagement and develop stronger brand relationships through timely communications that are relevant and resonate with the audience.

From personalised email content with subject lines that are based on an individual’s attributes, to custom video adverts that include pictures, names or personal information that have been added to profiles. Marketing Cloud’s features enable you to have a custom, tailored approach to communications to provide the best possible user experience.

Rohit Jadaun, Senior Marketing Cloud Consultant said: “Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives marketers ultimate control and insight into the customer. Present at every touchpoint of a customer’s journey, Marketing Cloud enables unparalleled data insight to be achieved that supports the creation of relevant, personalised marketing and communications at the right place, at the right time. This achieves optimum outcomes for organisations while increasing customer satisfaction.”

If you need support setting up your marketing technology, reach out to our team at Cloud Orca and we will be happy to help!

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