June 25 2021
Author Tony Di Carlo

Service Cloud & Social Studio — Why and How to Practise Social Customer Care

Most customer care agents have already experienced the connectedness of social media and customer service. In fact, an estimated 67% of consumers practise reaching out to brands via social media to resolve an issue.

As a result, responsiveness and presence on social channels have become some of the fundamental building blocks of excellent customer experience.

While Salesforce Service Cloud helps customer care agents respond to customer inquiries swiftly and effectively, Social Studio is Salesforce’s solution that facilitates posting, responding and listening on social media platforms. When joined, they become — Social Customer Service.

Read on to find out why and how to use Social Customer Service in your business

Why practise Social Customer Service?

Apart from the customer expectations and levelling up the company standards, there are some real benefits to tying up your social channels with customer service, and then with other departments as well.

Reasons why you should practise Social Customer Service

  • Holding a true 360-degree-view of the customer by seeing customers’ activities across multiple social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram will help you expedite a satisfying customer experience.
  • Automatic turning of social posts into cases (or leads), saving time for agents and pleasing customers simultaneously.
  • Using Einstein AI to help customer care agents discover, classify, route cases based on the sentiment and keywords, from the Social Studio directly to Service Cloud.
  • Encouraging higher productivity; balancing between multiple social inquiries at once compared to multitasking with traditional emails or phone calls is much more feasible.
  • Using social listening to automatically prioritise the most important posts to focus on (sales reps and marketers can all join in to listen to the social media pulse).

How to apply Social Customer Service?

If you are looking for assistance for the technical set-up of your Social Customer Service, the best option (besides contacting Cloud Orca) is to check Salesforce resources on the topic of Social Customer Service. But if you want a few guidelines on how to use it once it’s already set up – read on!

3 steps to practising Social Customer Service:

  1. Take time to get your customers connected to your business – customers don’t start following businesses’ social accounts unless they have a real reason for it. Running promotions, benefits, or discounts and then linking your customer profile to their social account could work well here. Also, to make it easy on your customers, you can add social sign-on to your website.
  2. Train the customer service agents on the language on social media. Please don’t fall into the thinking that it’s going to be the same as customer service via phone or email. Social media tone of voice is usually more casual while also remaining professional. To get on the right track from the start, create and standardise appropriate responses according to your organisation with Quick Text and Macros.
  3. Create a social media messaging approval process to ensure the communication is on point and represents your business in the right light. Whether the approval comes from the team leader or a colleague, it can help transition your customer care agents into a more streamlined and autonomous work.


Final Thoughts

We advise our clients to unite different departments under the same platform, and the same goal. An example of great collaboration between departments is allowing the sales department to identify the high-value clients and setting the social service to route their cases to the most adequate agent.

We believe social media has taken the central place in marketing and customer service, and if you delay getting on this train, your customers might switch for a business that meets them where they are. If you need any help starting your journey or improving upon it — reach out to us!

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