May 5 2021
Author Tony Di Carlo

Is Salesforce the right choice for your startup?

Is Salesforce the right choice for your startup? Here are 3 simple questions to help you decide

Many decisions you make in your startup can be difficult, but picking the right CRM doesn’t have to be one of them.

The secret to easy choosing is in asking the right questions.

Many upper-level managers will vote to implement Salesforce right from the start since you will probably need such a platform at some point down the line. To strengthen this point, we might add how it’s essential to begin creating a habit of working with complementary processes while your startup is small, because as you grow – things can become messy quickly.

Another vital point to consider is how many startups require to stay flexible and lean during their growth process. So far, this has become one of the main arguments Salesforce’s competitors use to advocate for a simpler CRM system.

But the counterargument stands – you don’t need to use all of the Salesforce’s functionalities, but you might like to know that you can – if you decide to use them in the future.  So, to make it a more straightforward process of deciding whether or not Salesforce is right for your startup, here are three questions you can ask to clarify your CRM requirements.

3 simple questions to help you determine if your startup needs Salesforce CRM


Do you have a system/process for collecting customer feedback?

For every company, no matter if it’s in a mature or infancy stage, collecting customer feedback is of crucial importance. How else will your startup know what your customers need and deliver it?  While some might argue that having a sophisticated CRM is unnecessary for a startup, at the end of the day – you will need a CRM system that will support your data-collecting efforts.

The benefit of using Salesforce right from the start is that you can start small, even if your sales or customer support team consist of one individual – you only pay for that one licence.  This way, you are prepared for what’s coming, and Salesforce is guaranteed to scale with you in any direction you may want it.


Are you using a bunch of different apps?

If you have been in business even for a short while, chances are, you have utilised various apps that help you perform better. And now that your startup is growing, you need to condense the apps in one place.  In this case, Salesforce provides a considerable benefit as opposed to some other CRM’s in the market because the number of integrations Salesforce is capable of – is practically unparalleled to any other CRM solution. To top it all, its AppExchange marketplace offers extra tools to extend your Salesforce CRM if needed.

As a startup, you might want to look into specific integrations that matter to you momentarily, but with Salesforce, you will have the possibility to accommodate your future needs too.


Do you work remotely or on the go?

If you operate remotely or even conduct parts of your business on the go, you can trust Salesforce will provide for what you need.

In early 2020, Salesforce rolled out its new and improved Salesforce Mobile App, which was designed to help its users to ease their workflow across devices. With this new experience, Salesforce is adding to the vision of a more mobile future.   We can recognise now how working remotely is becoming a ‘new normal’ and how technology has got to keep up with us. The possibility to work remotely may even be a bigger deal for startups, especially considering how its workforce often needs to shift between different duties and locations.

Final thoughts


Whether you’re a startup or not, the ultimate question you got to ask yourself is -> where is your company going and how fast do you want to get there?  Chances are, Salesforce will help you save time and increase efficiency, but you are the one who has to apply its power.

If you answered yes to at least one of the above, don’t know where to start with your Salesforce journey and/or you need professional insight into your requirements – reach out to us!   We have helped many companies find their way and we would love to help you too, at your own pace, in your own time.

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