January 20 2023
Author Tony Di Carlo

Leverage Free Apps by Cloud Orca

Leverage Free Apps by Cloud Orca for Effortless Salesforce Optimisation


With so many tasks occupying our work routines, it’s wise to optimise wherever possible. Luckily, as devoted users of Salesforce, Cloud Orca’s team has spotted areas where your daily routines can be improved – quickly, efficiently, and with no extra cost.

Read on to find out about our free Salesforce applications that can make your life easier today.


Case Timer 

Case Timer is a free app that allows service agents to track how much time they’ve spent on individual cases. The application works through a Lightning Component which can be added to the Case record page. With Case Timer, service reps can measure the time invested in each case for more clarity. At the same time, the in-app custom fields can be extended for other purposes, such as reporting.


Salesforce License Inspector 

As the number of your Salesforce users increases, pinning down the licence type to a specific user can become tricky. Luckily, Salesforce Licence Inspector is a free app that helps you gain a clear overview of your license appointments quickly and easily. Save time checking licences manually and ensure all your licences are adequately delegated.


Group Leads by Company 

Group Leads by Company simplifies the sales workflow by allowing users to arrange leads by any criteria and mass-convert them. Ensure your data quality is high and streamline your sales reps’ daily tasks for free


Celebrate with Style 

Celebrate with Style is a fun, uplifting, and free addition to your Salesforce instance. The application brings a variety of celebration animations to ensure your team marks its wins with style. You can use any object field as a trigger and customise the animations to match your celebration spirit perfectly.


Case Auto-Assign 

Automate assigning cases to sales reps with our free app, Case Auto Assign. The app assigns cases automatically to logged-in reps, eliminating manual case delegation. With Case Auto Assign, every case is assigned to an active owner, avoiding the risk of allocating important cases to inactive Salesforce users.


Convert Contact to Person Account

Convert Contact to Person Account is an easy-to-use and free Flow feature that empowers system administrators to convert contact to a person’s account. Leverage this Flow to transform contact to person’s accounts in bulk and bypass manual copying of data from one account to other.


Convert Business Account to Person Account

Use our straightforward Flow to eliminate manual data entry when converting accounts from business to personal type. Convert Business Account to Person Account helps you save time, keep your data clean, and simplify the sales workflow without spending a penny.


Convert Person Account to Business Account

Save your valuable resources by employing our free app Convert Person Account to Business Account. Simplify the conversion process in your Salesforce instance by leveraging the mass conversion feature without needing to manually copy the data from one account to another.


Convert Person Accounts

Switch between account types quickly and easily using Cloud Orca’s free Flow solution pack. Convert Person Accounts contains three Flow solutions, including Convert Business Account to Person Account, Convert Person Account to Business Account, and Convert Contact to Person Account. Enable a smoother experience for your sales reps by eliminating any manual data copy from one account type to another.


Final thoughts

Reach out to our team at Cloud Orca to find out more, or head to AppExchange to download our free apps and start saving time today.



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