February 16 2022
Author Tony Di Carlo

Utilising B2B Marketing Analytics to make data driven decisions

Utilising B2B Marketing Analytics to make data-driven decisions


In today’s world, data is a fundamental function of a marketeer’s role. Marketing teams are under pressure to prove the value of their efforts so that they can justify budgets and demonstrate their impact within the business.

They also need to provide sales teams with market qualified leads that have been nurtured along the sales funnel in order to maximise ROI for the organisation.

B2B Marketing Analytics makes these actions easy for marketers to achieve. Its advanced analysis capabilities enable you to easily explore data from across your marketing channels so that you can track your performance and quickly make data-driven decisions.


Out of the box AI

Drawing upon the advanced AI capabilities delivered by Tableau CRM, B2B Marketing Analytics brings together all your marketing analytics from Salesforce, Pardot and external sources into one place.

This enables you to align sales and marketing teams, aggregating data into one single source of the truth so that you can see the full sales cycle in one place and easily report campaign metrics alongside sales revenue for smarter decision making.

The advanced AI features also enable you to analyse billions of lines of data in seconds, supporting businesses that have multiple sources of information and providing insight into the best next steps to take.

The tools intelligent recommendations help you to work out what channels and campaigns are most effective – and why, which supports you to answer key business questions. Some of Einstein’s features include:

  • Einstein Behaviour Scoring helps you to know when leads are ready to buy based on their actions
  • Einstein Campaign Insights enables you to find connections among prospects who engage with your campaigns


Enhanced reporting dashboards

B2B Marketing Analytics comes with out of the box and customisable dashboards, so that it is easy for teams to view and report on metrics through charts, graphs and heat maps.

The range of dashboards include:

  • Pipeline Dashboard which enables you to see what’s going on in your marketing lifecycle, a breakdown of the sales pipeline, and campaign performance
  • Engagement Dashboard which enables you to analyse engagement to see what’s performing
  • Marketing Manager Dashboard which provides relevant data about pipeline, campaigns and engagement so that you can see which campaigns are yielding the best results
  • Multi-touch Attribution Dashboard so that you can discover what’s most effective at different points in the funnel attracts leads and closes deals
  • Account-Based Marketing which will help you to understand how opportunities and contacts from one account engage with your marketing and sales assets
  • Einstein Behaviour Scoring to provide a look into the factors that Einstein uses to build your scoring model and shows most influential engagement activities, influential assets, and a table of leads and contacts who perform these activities

Reports are easy to share with teams, providing one source of the truth for individuals to work from and the Analytics Mobile App also ensures that you can easily access your data remotely and manage campaigns on the go.

If you are interested to find out how B2B Marketing Analytics will be able to help to revolutionise your marketing efforts, then please get in contact with one of our team.




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