January 20 2023
Author Tony Di Carlo

Salesforce Focus – What to Expect in 2023

Salesforce Focus — What to Expect in 2023


Many newsworthy developments have come out of Salesforce’s headquarters during 2022. As markets expanded and changed, Salesforce — an ever-evolving platform — continued to meet and exceed new customers’ needs.

For example, during the last two years, many companies have played catch-up with enabling remote work and reuniting teams, while Salesforce took the lead in securing a new way of working.

After the lockdown measures settled down, some companies have returned to the ‘old way’ of working, mandating employees to return to the office. Salesforce made a different choice by giving more freedom to its employees and allowing them to design their approach to work more flexibly than ever before.

Now, we stand on a new threshold, going into another year knowing Salesforce is committed to a ‘new way of working’, always bringing innovation and agility to create success for its customers.   

But what can we expect in 2023? Are there clues? Read on to find out.


Where is Salesforce going in 2023?


Slack is a collaboration platform for teams that Salesforce acquired in 2021. Since then, Salesforce has been optimising Slack integration with its CRM platforms to empower worldwide companies to execute a hybrid work culture and ensure their employees continue to be productive.

Since many companies are getting on with remote or hybrid work, Slack is becoming an essential tool for smoother transitions. The application brings Salesforce CRM data into one screen, streamlining sales, service, and marketing communications in the process.

With Slack, companies can increase remote employment opportunities and dip into a more diverse talent pool. And a world of increased diversity is our most-likely future.


Data is becoming the primary focus of businesses across many industries. Accessing customer data streaming from various sources in real-time is a reliable way of building a future-proofed business. Customers are noticing the companies that go the extra mile in providing a personalised experience using their data. The real-time customer data platform — Genie — is Salesforce’s innovation that aims to fuel data management. We expect Salesforce to create new ways to leverage Genie even further and probably integrate it deeper with its AI technology — Einstein.

Even though Salesforce has already integrated Genie into its suite of products, it’s safe to assume the company will keep innovating, making its data platform accessible and easier to use for businesses across the globe.


Flow Orchestrator

Salesforce Flow Orchestrator is a tool that helps administrators organise complex workflows with only a few clicks. With Salesforce Flow Orchestrator, users can enhance and build new workflows that add value to everyday tasks, boosting productivity and ensuring smoother business.

Salesforce has a long history of making it easy for its users to create new applications or workflows without code, which is why this trend will most probably continue to unfold as we walk into the following year.


Final thoughts

Do you have a hunch about Salesforce’s progress in the year 2023? Please share your ideas with us in the comments below!


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