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How to ditch the stress when choosing a CRM for an SMB

Monday, January 20th, 2020

Many business buyers experience a shock when they decide to implement a CRM system. 

The CRM market is huge!

Therefore, choosing a CRM becomes overwhelming.

Every CRM seems to be the best at what they do, and the more you dig into the features, the more perplexed you become.

You are not alone. We face numerous businesses in their digital transformation journey, and many of them often seem lost.


TRAILHEAD 101 – A beginners guide to the Salesforce learning platform

Sunday, December 15th, 2019

Salesforce Trailhead is a place where the Salesforce community usually starts to learn about itself. 

Judging by Wikipedia, the definition of a Trailhead goes something like this: “A trailhead is a point at which a trail begins, where the trail is often intended for hiking, biking, horseback riding, or off-road vehicles.”

We could agree on how Salesforce Trailhead is the point at which the Salesforce trail begins. 

Or as Salesforce likes to put it:

‘Trailhead is a fun way to learn Salesforce.’


3 easy ways to polish the customer experience with Salesforce

Sunday, November 24th, 2019

Customer experience is creating a lot of buzz today. For the past few years, we have been hearing about how customer experience will become a key brand differentiator by 2020. In other words, customer experience will soon be more important than the price tag or product quality. 

Think about that for a second.

If you don’t believe the customer experience is of high priority – think again.


3 proven ways how 360-degree view helps your business grow

Saturday, November 16th, 2019

A CRM system can do many impressive things. 

Among the CRM highlights, we repeatedly hear how it can save time, streamline operations, produce smart reports or strengthen customer relationships.

After all, in the CRM world, the more hands-on we are – the more we can bend the system to our liking. But, one particular feature keeps reappearing in CRM conversations, even more so over the past few years, in the time of big data.

This popular CRM feature is the 360-degree customer view.


5 tips to boost user adoption and foster CRM success

Saturday, November 9th, 2019

During the time that we’ve been Salesforce consulting partners, we have worked with many business leaders on the digital transformation of their companies.

Most of them were very much aware of the Salesforce capabilities, even before the implementation. Due to that awareness, the business leaders often shared Cloud Orca’s enthusiasm for Salesforce technology. However, we have also witnessed how getting the company workforce to share the same feelings, is a task within itself.