Training key features

Training & Support

Full & robust Salesforce post-implementation services


Training users in the right away is fundamental for all businesses to maximise the effectiveness of their CRM and ensure that users work in a streamlined and productive way.

Cloud Orca have unique and different approach to training which incorporates a fun and engaging method which we believe is key to ensuring a high user adoption and getting the maximum out of Salesforce.

We are experienced working with all types of end users from beginners to more advanced users. We take away all the technical jargon and give tailor made training which we find is the best way for users to fully understand and embrace Salesforce.

Training key features:

Simple yet effective

Jargon free – Our easy to understand approach ensures users of all calibre will get all they need from the system.

Simple yet effective

Cost effectiveEverything will be streamlined to make sure users understand everything about the system which will mean they become more efficient and deliver a higher return on investment.

Simple yet effective

Diverse experienceOur diverse experience means we understand the needs of all calibre of users from complete beginners to advanced users.



Are you currently struggling to support your Salesforce user base? Do you lack expertise within your organisation? Or do you simply need an on-demand expert to offer you best practice and guidance when needed?

At Cloud Orca we believe in building long term and sustainable relationships. Our support package is aimed to take all the stresses and strains of Salesforce away from you, so you can focus on what you do best, running your business.

We will support all areas including daily users, development, training and third-party integrations. Finally, our support package will ensure that as your business evolves, so do your systems, meaning that you will always have the most effective processes at your team’s fingertips.

Levels of support:

Basic package

Basic package This basic package involves a set monthly level of support and will ensure that the key stakeholders within the business are always up to date with the capabilities of Salesforce.

Basic package

Intermediate package – This level of support means that you will have full access to our support team at all times during working hours, for unlimited amounts, and we will also ensure that training is provided every time an update to Salesforce is made. Additionally, we will provide continuing support to ensure your system evolves with your business with process upgrades.

Basic package

Unlimited package – This package is as it says on the tin, unlimited. We will ofer you complete 24/7 support, full training whenever you need, and any process upgrade at any time to suit your requirements. Full, complete and uncompromising support for your businesses whenever you need it.

Support key features:

Long term and sustainable

Long term and sustainableOur view is to create a long term and sustainable partnership with your business, so we can ensure you get long term return on your investment in Salesforce.

Long term and sustainable

Continuing development – As your business evolves, so do you needs. We will ensure these are always met so you can stay one foot ahead of your competition.

Long term and sustainable

EngagementContinuing support will mean that all users throughout your business will have a higher level of engagement with your system meaning that you will receive a high return on investment for the foreseeable future.