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Dáre’s top (paid) AppExchange Apps

Salesforce platform binds many goodies that both small and large companies can leverage. However, sometimes we can experience missing the technology to automate that one specific part of our business while wishing it would also function well with our day-to-day operational backbone—the Salesforce platform. Enter: AppExchange.


We have talked about the best free Salesforce admin apps before, so now, we want to unveil our list of favourite paid AppExchange applications that will help you extend your Salesforce platform in new and exciting ways! 


  • HelloSign

HelloSign is an intuitive eSignature application built to help the company’s document signing process. The app is straightforward to use, which always comes in handy, especially when multiple users or signers are involved in the process. With HelloSign, you can send out quotes from Salesforce CPQ and track the ‘signature completion’ process. The app allows you to sign documents on the go; you can draw and type even on your mobile device. HelloSign offers a 30-day free trial, after which the subscription price starts at $5 per user per month.



  • NatterBox

NatterBox is a cloud-based business telephony solution that will cover both your incoming (for service) and outgoing (for sales) calls. Within the Salesforce community, NatterBox is well-known and well-esteemed, which is evident by the 5.0 rating score on AppExchange. It will allow your sales team to call more efficiently due to the embedded app within Salesforce. NatterBox will also enable your workforce to ditch the phones and allow dynamic routing of calls based on the data within the CRM. The pricing starts at $44 USD per user per month.



  • RiskScreen

In essence, RiskScreen will help prevent money-laundering for any finance-related companies. By working with your Salesforce data, this application will automatically screen your customers, prospects, leads or accounts you have stored, and show the screening results in your Salesforce workflow. Fueled by your data, RiskScreen will then flag any risks in real-time, allowing you to make fully informed decisions about whether to onboard or remediate customers. It uses the same Dow Jones data that is used by most of the world’s largest banks making your screening of the highest standard and reducing false positives by up to 95%. RiskScreen pricing starts at £3,995 per company per year.



  • NativeVideo

With video becoming an increasingly popular way of communicating messages, we are quite fond of NativeVideo and how it serves Salesforce users. NativeVideo will help its users to record, upload, share and browse videos within the Salesforce platform. This video functionality will especially help your field service agents to record videos and save them according to their belonging record. Not to mention how its feature called Speech-to-Text can automatically capture the video transcript, allowing it to be Salesforce-searchable. NativeVideo’s pricing starts at $499 per org, per month, if billed annually. Their pricing model is based on the volume of recorded and watched videos per month, but the customers can choose to subscribe to a pre-defined or a custom plan.



  • FinancialForce

FinancialForce is an accounting solution developed natively on the Salesforce platform to align your CRM and accounting. The application will allow you to centralise billing, invoicing and cash collections, all on Salesforce. With FinancialForce, you can also predict trends by detecting previous revenue and cash flow patterns. It’s Lightning-ready, and it comes with already built-in practices and audit trails to help you when help is needed. Also, the application will provide an instant and company-wide overview of the financial state. The FinancialForce application pricing starts at $420 per company per month.



Final thoughts

There are many functionalities these applications carry, so it’s essential to carefully examine them by either reaching out to the app solution providers or their partners.

If you would like to know more about how to implement, use or leverage any of the above-listed applications, reach out to us! We are experienced in providing these solutions to various businesses, so rest assured we can help you get the best out of them as well.


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