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Diversity at Cloud Orca

With all that is going on in the world, I wanted to take some time out to speak to the Cloud Orca team about what diversity means to them and what it is like to work for Cloud Orca. Read about their thoughts here.


Daré Akande – Cloud Orca Co-founder and Salesforce System Architect

I feel proud to work in a diverse and open environment where people are not afraid to be themselves and every employee has the opportunity to fulfil their potential regardless of their race, religion or gender. It’s important to have an environment where you can work without the fear of discrimination of any kind.
Throughout my career I have been lucky to work in different countries and collaborate with people from all parts of the world. Technology has no colour.  It’s truly inspiring working in a team of some many diverse backgrounds and cultures. At Cloud Orca we celebrate being different.

Technology has no colour


Roy Dennis – Salesforce Consultant

The great thing about working with Cloud Orca and being a person of colour, is that colour is invisible. I know it sounds like a throwaway comment because it should be right? But unfortunately for a lot of people, colour is the first and last thing they see. You hear the saying about first impressions last – well, unfortunately for a lot of people with colour, that first impression is a negative one and regardless of how smart, hard working or kind they are, they won’t be able to jump that hurdle.

Here, at Cloud Orca, it’s all about the work you produce and furthering yourself within your life and career, which is what is really important. One of my many gripes with discrimination is the overlooking of strong talent based on things outside of their control. Finding an excuse to give someone else the promotion over someone who truly deserves it, or maybe hiring someone because they will be a better “fit” – or more in line with the company’s “culture”. I am a firm believer that if you work hard, keep learning and perform, then you should progress. Again, that sounds like a given, but it’s often not. It’s refreshing being challenged on my work directly at Cloud Orca, knowing that if I hit the goals I have set, I will progress, and not be looked over by someone else who comes from a more “favourable” background. It allows you to go “all in” as the phrase goes, to not hold back and to put everything into your work because you know.

If you work hard enough, if you make that sacrifice, if you go that extra mile, you will succeed. That is all a lot of people of colour want really. Not special treatment, just a fair shot. That is one of the many things that encouraged me, not only to apply to work with Cloud Orca, but to get into Salesforce as an organisation. The low barrier to entry, available for all to learn and grow and to achieve as much, or as little you want – it’s up to you based on what you do, not who you are. It’s a powerful statement.

If you go that extra mile, you will succeed. That is all a lot of people of colour want really. Not special treatment, just a fair shot.


Ramiro Castro – Salesforce Project Manager

I believe that anyone can thrive and succeed regardless of gender or ethnicity, but I also believe that diversity is not only about gender or race but it is also about diversity of background and culture. Coming from Latin America and having worked in multi-cultural environments across the globe, I learned that multi-cultural teams bring diversity of thought, talent and ideas. If you couple this with a pool of diverse experiences, insights, ages and qualifications, this certainly strengthens mutual learning and collaboration. Being my son born in the UK, my wife in Colombia and myself in Argentina, allowed us to be more opened to differences among ourselves. Lastly, I believe that openness to differences is also key for companies to succeed

Multi-cultural teams bring diversity of thought, talent and ideas


Andrew Baldwin – Cloud Orca Philippines Country Lead and Salesforce Advanced Administrator

This week marks my first anniversary working at Cloud Orca. In the past 12 months, my life has transformed in so many ways I could not imagine. I take pride in being part of a company that celebrates diversity and highlights the importance of respecting cultural differences. A big thank you for my colleagues for actively making the workplace a better place.

Here’s to many more years of working the Orca way.

I take pride in being part of a company that celebrates diversity


Hassan Meghjee – Salesforce Consultant

I recently joined Cloud Orca during the midst of a global pandemic, and even though I have still not physically met the team, I feel as though I have officially become part of them.

When I joined it was the month of Ramadhan, and my body was working on a sunset-to-sunrise routine with no food or water. During the day this made it hard to concentrate on specific tasks. Having raised the issue with Cloud Orca, they were quick to understand my situation and proposed a flexible working time that catered for my needs.

A company that appreciates the values and beliefs of their employees, especially during such turmoil times, is an excellent trait to have and I look forward to progressing my career with them.

A company that appreciates the values and beliefs of their employees is an excellent trait to have

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