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Dreamforce 2019 unpacked: How Salesforce is innovating with technology

The biggest Salesforce event of the year is behind us. 

Dreamforce is an annual mega-conference where Trailblazers, along with Salesforce customers and enthusiast gather in San Francisco to witness the Salesforce magic for four days.


During Dreamforce, Salesforce habitually unveils its latest vision through innovative tools and features that have been newly added to the CRM solutions. Aside from the appearance of Barack Obama, this year’s Dreamforce brought some exciting news as well.

Read on to capture the key Dreamforce highlights!


Dreamforce highlights you need to know about

Among many affairs that took place this year at Dreamforce, the following caused the greatest buzz:

  1. Salesforce 360 platform called Customer 360 TruthEven though Customer 360 Truth was introduced last year at Dreamforce, with this year’s announcements, Salesforce confirmed how creating a unified customer profile is at the centre of its attention.
  2. “Hey Einstein” – Einstein AI equipped with voice capabilities, bringing it to every customer experience.
  3. MuleSoft brought forward new tools that will allow anybody to create connected customer experiences with Clicks, Not Code.
  4. Trailhead GO – A Mobile App built in collaboration with Apple, to enable Salesforce Trailblazers to learn on the go.
  5. Salesforce and Microsoft expand their partnership making Microsoft Azure the public cloud provider for Marketing Cloud.
  6. Tableau will now enable users to use data prepared in Tableau across any of their technologies.

Now that you know the main Dreamforce news, let’s dig into the two announcements that trailblazers mostly raved about!



The crowd at Dreamforce got excited when they saw a little Einstein speaker answering questions the panellist were posing. 

Is Salesforce going to mass-produce it? I seriously doubt it, but let’s not lose hope just yet.


What is Hey Einstein about?

Einstein is pure AI, and the voice Einstein represents a voice AI, such as Siri or Alexa.

We know from our experience so far, Salesforce has always observed the trends in the consumer world and brought them to the business world. Enter – Hey Einstein.

Last year, Salesforce unveiled Einstein Voice that enabled its users to talk to the platform to update records or to verbally log the update through the Salesforce mobile app.  Another product that was revealed last year is Einstein Voice Bots. The Einstein Voice Bots enable customers to build their voice-activated assistant, adjust it for their company needs, and engage with it through any smart speaker.

This year, Salesforce took it to the next level, bringing Einstein Voice capabilities to every customer experience on the platform.

Einstein Voice or “Hey Einstein” technology includes:

  • Einstein Voice Assistant that is available for every app built on Salesforce.
  • Einstein Voice Skills which will enable admins and developers to build voice-powered apps.
  • Service Cloud Voice that will integrate Service Cloud telephony and digital channels with the CRM data.
  • Einstein Call Coaching will be able to process natural language during sales calls and identify important trends among prospects.

As Einstein voice senior director of product Michael Machado shared in his interview:

“We believe AI-enhanced conversational interfaces can transform business processes, which is why we are focusing heavily on innovation in this sphere and building in voice across the entire Salesforce system.” 


This year we have seen Salesforce innovating with Apple on multiple occasions, the most notable being – the new Salesforce Mobile App.

The app included exclusive iOS features, read more about it here.

Even though Apple and Salesforce had many successful endeavours with their strategic partnership so far, they didn’t stop there. Actually, this year Salesforce announced that the Trailhead learning platform is becoming mobile as well! 



What is Trailhead GO all about?

Trailhead GO enables Salesforce enthusiasts to learn on the go; therefore, the new mobile app was born – Trailhead GO. At the moment it’s exclusive to iPhone and iPad users.

The Trailhead’s mission is to make learning available to anyone. Indeed, with this new app, Salesforce comes much closer to achieving it. The importance of mobility was shared even from Marc Benioff, the Co-CEO of Salesforce corporation. In his interview with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, Marc confessed:

“I don’t even own a computer anymore… The phone has really become an extension of my office. Wherever I am, if I have a phone, I can work.”

Judging by Benioff’s preferences – the Salesforce Mobile App, along with Trailhead GO and Einstein Voice capabilities make perfect sense now.



Once more, we have witnessed how Salesforce is cutting edge with CRM technology. 

As this CRM giant continues to integrate the newest technology craze into its solutions, the community of Trailblazers will inevitably grow bigger and more curious.

In other words, we can’t wait to see what’s next on the Salesforce menu, how about you?

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