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How Quip strengthens collaboration while working remotely

As history has taught us so far, doing business during times of change and restriction has never been smooth. But given the technology we have at our disposal today, it becomes a bit easier.

To bring some relief in the current climate, Salesforce has procured tools and information to ensure its employees, as well as industry partners and customers, are equipped with everything they require to not only survive but also, to thrive.

From enabling companies to listen to social media mentions through Social Studio (free for three months), leveraging Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep (free for three months), and providing teams with tools they need to work remotely through a collaboration tool named Quip (free for everyone at the moment).

We bring you reasons why we love Quip and why you should jump on Salesforce’s free offer as well.


How Quip strengthens the team’s collaboration while working remotely



  • Collaborating in one document


Think of Quip as the canvas. Your team members are the artists, each of which presents a different colour(skill).  When your team starts creating a masterpiece together (document, spreadsheet, slide), they all collaborate on the same canvas, the updates are in the real-time, and available to everyone to see them.  In essence, Quip provides your team with tools to collaborate effectively. 

Each team member can have access to the same version of their creation while amending, commenting or reviewing as needed.  With Quip by your side, there is no need to send endless email threads with document attachments to ensure everyone gets their chance to revise.  Besides, you can bring your document to life with Live Apps, which allow you to add calendars, project tracker tools, polls, spreadsheets, or even live Salesforce data to your documents.



  • @-mentioning 


Mentioning plays an important role in Quip.

Mentioning is like summoning in the team member to shine their colour (skill) when needed. By applying the mention sign (@) the specified person gets notified and the notification stores in their Task folder. 

The @-mention functionality can be used to call on coworkers, documents, links, checklists or project trackers. So, by employing it, you can ask for an opinion, create a document link or a calendar for the project delivery, or set deadlines and reminders.



  • Chatting


Quip offers Chat rooms in which your team can have ongoing conversations around a chosen subject. It’s like a virtual watercooler.  With the Chat feature, team members can link to documents or projects by using the @-mention feature. Moreover, you can send drag and drop files and support your message by leveraging fun gifs and memes.


Final thoughts

As we walk together through unprecedented times, leaders everywhere are stepping up by putting the workforce in the first place. Quip will help you get there and ensure your team has the tools they need to stay productive, and maybe even inspired.


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