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How to ditch the stress when choosing a CRM for an SMB

Many business buyers experience a shock when they decide to implement a CRM system. 

The CRM market is huge!

Therefore, choosing a CRM becomes overwhelming.

Every CRM seems to be the best at what they do, and the more you dig into the features, the more perplexed you become.

You are not alone. We face numerous businesses in their digital transformation journey, and many of them often seem lost.

Choosing a CRM as a small to medium business is not easy, mostly because SMB’s run a tight ship, both with workforce and resources.

To find some relief, follow our simple two-step process. By the end of it, you will have gained a fresh perspective on CRM’s and automation in general.



ZOOM OUT to fully grasp the SMB needs


Before you dig into specific features of a CRM system, take a deep breath, and zoom out.

CRM is not one size fits all, so naturally, you must find your size first.

To start with, consider – Where is your SMB now?

  • What processes are you doing that can be automated? 
  • Where is your workforce losing most of their time?
  • Which employee is loudest in protesting against Excel?

The aim is to link processes as they are now, into the CRM as you would like them to be, in the simplest possible way. Otherwise, you might end up with a bunch of unnecessary features that with time, sink into oblivion.

Then – Look into the future.

  • Are you shifting your business focus into specific endeavours, for example, upgrading your marketing game?
  • Are you planning to scale?
  • Is new talent joining your SMB?

Your vision of the future will impact the choice of CRM in terms of integration, ease of use and scalability. 

And now, after the high-level overview of the requirements, come back to earth, and zoom in.



ZOOM IN to pinpoint the right CRM solution 


Use our questionnaire below to identify the right CRM for your SMB or to question the CRM vendor during the selection process. 

How easy is the CRM to use? 

You don’t want a clunky solution that will slow your workforce down instead of speeding things up.

What manual processes does the CRM automate? 

Many CRM solutions will help you automate sales, marketing and customer service processes. Depending on your primary focus, go over the specifics with the vendor.

Does it integrate with_____? (fill the blank)

List down all of the applications you use in your SMB, particularly those you will continue using along the CRM.

How long does the implementation take? 

Consider if you have that time.

How hard is it to maintain the solution and does it involve a steep learning curve? 

Be careful if the CRM solution is expensive to upkeep or complicated to administrate.

Are the CRM features customisable? 

You want to inquire if any of the CRM features come fixed, or would you be able to adjust them based on your specific needs.

If I want to build the CRM up in the future…? 

Go over third-party integrations along with the API documentation to understand how to go about scaling the CRM system if needed.

Does it have a 360-degree customer view? 

A 360-degree view or a single source of truth will help you personalise your communications and always provide the best service to your customers. Simply put – it’s essential.

Is it mobile?

It’s 2020 people! Today, CRM has to be mobile. If you don’t need mobility now, you will soon.


Final thoughts

In the process of choosing a CRM, the essential thing to understand is where your SMB stands. And don’t go by what similar SMB’s use – every business is unique.

To better understand your requirements, reach out to us. With a quick overview, we can give you custom advice on the next steps to take in your digital transformation journey.

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