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Customer Service

Our community is an easily accessible space where our customers can find the resources and support they need throughout their Salesforce journey, when they need it.

All the Salesforce support you could want.

Our dedicated customer service community gives you and your team direct access to our team of experts. Whether it’s a support case that needs raising, or a question that needs answering, you will find a wealth of guidance and knowledge in the form of conversations and content that includes FAQ’s, webinars, videos and customised training and best practice guides.

The community is a powerful and intelligent way to train power users and champions, who will be granted access to our admin training guides.

A strategy for success

Case management

This community platform enables our customers to raise and manage their own support cases, and receive high levels of response.

Reporting & MI

Customers can view how and where their support hours are being used as well as tracking how long issues are taking to be resolved.

Omni-channel communication

Choose the way in which we communicate with you from direct messaging, live chat, WhatsApp or email.

Added value content

This platform proves full access to helpful content such as webinar recordings, useful guides, helpful blogs and knowledge articles.

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As your Salesforce implementation partner, we will ensure you get the very best out of your CRM by supporting you through our community.

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