Empowering Non-Profits Through The Cloud

Non-Profit Package

A business with a unique insight and personal interest in philanthropic organisations, we understand just how Salesforce can transform your efforts and make them more valuable.


Cloud Orca offer UK based charities and non-profit organisations a unique solution to manage their data, volunteers, donations, contacts and much more.

Through the Power of Us Program, charitable and non-profit organisations can harness the power of Salesforce. Together, using the program’s 10 free licenses, we can easily and cost-effectively improve the effectiveness of your operations and marketing activities, driving awareness and donations.

Free licences from Salesforce
Value of licences donated monthly

The Benefits

Our experience of working with non-profit organisations means we know the importance of customising the Salesforce CRM to meet your unique needs, being cost-conscious and offering continued support.

Automated Payments

Automate payments via Salesforce and payment processors such as Stripe.

Gift Aid Automation

Calculate Gift Aid automatically to be able to claim back in a time-efficient way.

HMRC report templates

Save time submitting HMRC reports like Gift Aid by using bespoke reporting templates.

One data Source

Centralise all of your data, allowing for easy access and collaboration.

Trustee reports

Making the process of compiling visual trustee reports less time-consuming.

Unique Customisation

Let’s make your systems and processes work in the way your non-profit needs them too.

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As your Salesforce implementation partner, we will ensure you get the very best out of your CRM for your charity or non-profit by customising it to fit your exact needs.

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