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Meet the new additions to the Salesforce family: Manufacturing Cloud and Consumer Goods Cloud

After 20 years of providing cutting-edge solutions, Salesforce continues to reveal new products that will ease the challenges of diverse industries.

This time the software giant has got its eye on the manufacturing and consumer goods businesses.

With Manufacturing Cloud and Consumer Goods Cloud, Salesforce meets the needs of two specific sectors which are in the midst of the industrial revolution.

Both of the new products are designed to support the evolution of these business sectors by bringing transparency across separate departments and assuring better forecasting and revenue increase.


What is Manufacturing Cloud?

Manufacturing Cloud is a CRM fitted to serve the manufacturing companies through the alignment of two separate departments – sales and operations. The idea is to break down the silos between the front and back office by understanding sales patterns and making room for AI-powered predictions.

The manufacturing sector has experienced blowing winds of the industrial revolution, disrupting traditional business models. Besides, the need to be customer-centric has influenced this industry as well. It’s no longer enough to build a product, it also needs to be relevant. Understanding the customers, collecting data and feeding it back to operations is becoming a necessity. 

Luckily, Salesforce is offering a solution that will secure a smooth transition into the new age for manufacturers. Its features are as follows:

Sales agreements – Bringing a unified view of order management to manufacturing, operations and accounts.

It’s the single source of truth that immediately updates any changes in agreements, allowing different departments to stay on top of customers needs and act upon them swiftly.

Account-based forecasting – Provides a clear overview of current orders, while anticipating future opportunities.

This toolset helps the silos between sales, operations and finance departments to be taken down, making room for more predictability and assuring smooth business operations.

Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing – With the unified view of different departments, Einstein AI-powered analytics bring better insights into client’s relationships and minimise the risk of churn.

Community Cloud for Manufacturing – It is a community platform for more lenient collaboration between sales department and channel partners.

What is Consumer Goods Cloud?

Consumer Goods Cloud is a CRM built to transform the retail operations and ease the relationship between retails sales reps and the store.

Therefore, Consumer Goods Cloud is filled with features that will benefit everyday store operations. Since the alignment between different stores and the head office is often practised through separate systems and spreadsheets, Consumer Goods Cloud brings clarity to the retail industry. It will ensure the stock is in place, while pricing and promotions are aligned across the entire organisation.

As stated in Salesforce’s press release:

“Retail execution—the act of getting the right products to the right stores at the right times—is vital to the success of consumer goods companies, as 95% of consumer goods products are sold in physical stores. Consumer Goods Cloud enables reps to use AI to optimise key tasks, drive higher revenues through better promotion execution and order management and elevate the in-store experience for the end consumer.”

The toolset packed in Consumer Goods Cloud includes:

Improved visit planning – To ensure field reps work smart with lists of prioritised and necessary activities, which is fueled by intelligent routing via Salesforce Maps.

Optimise visit execution – Allows reps to access templates to instantly optimise inventory planning, return order processing, and collect product data like quantity and pricing.

Einstein AI for Consumer Goods Cloud – Two new capabilities powered by Einstein AI encompasses Einstein Vision and Einstein Analytics for Consumer Goods Cloud. By leveraging them, reps can perform image recognition and detection for inventory, planogram, and merchandising compliance checks, while staying on top of KPIs.

Mobile order capture – Optimisation of the store visit by the rep doesn’t stop with templates. The mobile order capture empowers reps to capture orders during a store visit and collect relevant data.


As Salesforce tries to solve problems of modern-day businesses, we salute its effort. With Salesforce CRM behind your back, there are no more excuses to put up with any silos in your business or not to put the customer first. 

Both Consumer Goods Cloud and Manufacturing Cloud are going to be generally available in October 2019.

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