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Orca Maps – An Introduction to our Salesforce App

Using visualisation to expand the understanding of your Salesforce records


Here at Cloud Orca, we eagerly follow the market needs and flow, by continuously assuring outdated strategies are left behind, and the ones that work—are amplified.

The proper use of technology is vital in our journey to empower businesses like yours; however, we are also keeping an eye out for other factors that can affect business performance.

To use an example, we noticed how data visualisation impacts our processing power. Research shows people who follow directions with illustrations do 323% better than those who follow text-only instructions.

Considering how we all heard the saying “one image is worth a thousand words” we must stop to recognise there is something there.  So we asked ourselves a question; how can we use our insight and expertise to help you do better?

The answer was quite simple—help visualise the data our customers use in their Salesforce instance daily, including accounts, leads, contacts or any additional custom objects.  And how are we doing that? By providing a solution that helps you visualise the location of your Salesforce objects on the Google Maps interface.


What is Orca Maps?

Orca Maps is a Salesforce-native mapping application that will help you visualise the location of any standard or custom objects in your Salesforce org. 

The application comes with a breezy user-experience, drag-and-drop functionality and a whole lot of potential.

In summation—Orca Maps application is:

  • Cost-effective, without any hidden fees. No extra cost, no limits on the number of users.
  • Incredibly simple to use, specifically built to meet the needs of users of all levels.
  • Supported by Salesforce experts.
  • Suitable for Salesforce mobile app.


Why should you care about Orca Maps?

If you happen to be a marketing manager, you can use Orca Maps to spot location trends or even back up your reports. To make an example, by pinpointing the location of your leads, you can pivot, adjust or improve your targeting messages.

On the other hand, if you are a sales representative or a manager, you can leverage Orca Maps to get a holistic view of your accounts, adjusting your actions from that more profound understanding. The newly found insight will help personalise communication, which will inevitably strengthen the relationships with your current customers.

Because of our understanding of the user-adoption rates and how they impact businesses, we created Orca Maps to be as simple as possible. We did this by bringing only the core functionalities necessary to support your businesses, leaving any complexity behind.


In short—Orca Maps empowers you to:

  • Observe Salesforce records on a Google Maps interface.
  • Quickly visualise the data at hand.
  • Select and filter chosen objects as needed.
  • Switch between different views, from multiple pins to clusters.
  • Use our coloured pins to aid the visualisation.


Final thoughts

At Cloud Orca, we love what we do, which is why we do it. To empower business through the cloud, it takes more than implementing new technology; it also includes, listening, understanding and finding creative solutions for our customers.

For this reason, we created Orca Maps. Our wish is to have this application help business capture further insight by leveraging the power of visualisation.

If you’d like more information on Orca Maps or would like to talk to us about how it can benefit your company let us know.  In the meantime, happy locating!

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