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Salesforce Communities – what are they and why they matter

Community is important. You are probably a part of many communities, some of which you might not even be aware of (think your local gym or favourite sports bar). The online world offers many communities that, in one way or another, grant us some benefits.

Salesforce communities or the Salesforce Community Cloud is the platform your organisation can use to build a community like that. It provides a place where your customers, employees and partners can connect.

We see many organisations today, large and small, setting up their online communities focused on providing support and engagement. The importance of communities is becoming all the clearer, the more we move into the age of the customer. Even more, advisory firm IDC expects the worldwide online communities market to reach $1.2 billion in 2019.

Online communities are a great way to promote to customers directly, to streamline your business partners, unify employees or even cut the cost on customer service.


Your organisation and its communities

When we talk about communities, many people don’t recognise the variety of ways to use them, and therefore dismiss the value of them. In fact, you can make a community to be any way you like it. In essence, the sky is the limit. For instance, a community can be:

Peer to peer – communities where customers or interested parties help each other out, such as forums or support sites.

Portals – a place where you provide the space where your customers can log in and access they account information.

Customer support – a place where customer service takes another level.

Sales community – for partners to have a collaboration space where support is offered through content and training materials.

Event management community – a community dedicated to an upcoming event, or an event you (for example) host every year.

Employee community – where people on similar projects can share ideas or similar positions can support each other. Communities for employees are often used for HR purposes, such as on-boarding or resolving any HR issues.


The real leverage of using a Salesforce Community is that it is completely integrated into your Salesforce organisation.  Given how Salesforce Communities can encompass the community of employees, partners and customers, it’s astonishing how valuable it could be, even if used only for research. For instance, you can capture the data that is flowing within the community platform, take action on it, report it and swiftly pivot your operations to a better direction.

If this got you excited about the possibilities of Salesforce Communities for your organisation – reach out to us here! You can also read more about what we can do for you here. We have many success stories to share, and might even give you your own.

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