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Salesforce plus Social Media — 3 ways they can elevate your business

Nowadays, around 3 billion people use social media.  We all enjoy using social media, often for hours during the day; to relax or inject variety into our lives.  And, since 3 billion people are fans of social media — your business should be too.

Moreover, today customers expect companies’ presence on multiple channels, and social media offers that space to meet the customer’s needs. The concept of omnichannel experience is not just for enterprises anymore.Not only does social media for business assist in providing a seamless customer experience, but it also:

  • Builds brand awareness and trust
  • Connects you with your customers
  • Increases customer retention 

To top it all, when combined with powerful technology, such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, social media can create a significant impact on an organisation.


3 reasons to apply Social Media and Salesforce Marketing Cloud in business


1. Build brand awareness and trust

Trinity Mirror published a study in 2017, that stated how 58% of survey participants from the UK said they do not trust a brand until they have seen “real-world proof” that it has kept its promises. What does this mean? It means most of the prospects will not make the purchase until they trust the business. And they won’t trust you if your online presence is scattered or non-existent. However, if you develop a strong and consistent social media presence, this will display integrity, credibility and industry authority to your customers, allowing them to trust you more.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you maintain a consistent social media presence through Social Studio. In it, you can create the space for your marketing team to collaborate; from drafting the content, designing, reviewing, to publishing. Social Studio holds your marketing collateral in one place while allowing the users to access it from any location.


2. Connect with your customers

There is an old marketing rule known as the ‘Rule of 7’, which proposes that your prospects need to see your advertisement on average seven times before they decide to buy. And even though this rule used to be true, in the age of social media, we can discard it. Because of the constant buzz we witness on social media today, brands must show up consistently to stay top of mind with their customers. However, it’s your responsibility to transform the simple online presence into – quality time with your customers. By providing a space for your customers to comment, engage, share and connect, you subsequently increase brand loyalty and brand advocacy.

The capabilities of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud will help you stay on top of customer engagement.  Within the Social studio, Salesforce provides a Salesforce Command Center, where you can catch highlighted discussions in your customer’s circle, track their interactions or even engage with individual customers on the spot. Simultaneously, by using this feature, you will humanise your organisation, making it more relatable to your customers.


3. Increase customer retention

A few months ago, Vodafone UK experienced a glitch on their system, causing a surge in data-roaming charges for everyone who found themselves travelling abroad at that time. The affected customers (myself included) received an SMS from Vodafone UK to review their monthly bill on the app, as Vodafone will cancel all of their services due to unusually high billing. For two days of previously free roaming service, Vodafone was now charging me £3,754. To put things into the right context, I usually pay a £20 monthly phone bill.

Naturally, I immediately dialled Vodafone’s customer service, and after 20 minutes spent on hold, I started searching for other options to get in touch. Next logical step – tweet Vodafone about my impending heart attack. However, when I landed on their Twitter profile, hundreds of angry customers, charged with unbelievably high data charges, were already raging a war with Vodafone and asking for help.


Luckily, Vodafone responded, right there – on social media.  The company extended an apology to its customers, explaining how none of us would be charged, and promising we would be receiving a small credit on our accounts, as a reparation. Social media, in this case Twitter, meant unbelievable relief, for thousands of distressed customers and myself. More importantly, because of Vodafone’s fast and direct response, I’m sure many of its affected users, like me, are still their customers.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you listen to all brand mentions across all social media channels, analyse sentiment and take action right from the platform. By leveraging the Social Media monitoring feature, a brand can provide instant customer service to build your credibility or address criticism in real-time. This way you are in control, even when things go a bit off the rails.


Final thoughts

Customers need to relate to the human side of any organisation to be comfortable enough to do business with you. Today, standing out on social media as a brand is not easy, but it’s not impossible either. To deliver an outstanding social media presence, that will not only serve your customers but your brand too, technology is here to help. 

And if you need support in setting up your marketing technology – simply reach out to our team here at Cloud Orca.

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Ana is an Enterprise Technology Content Writer serving the UK market.
She is guest writer on the Cloud Orca blog and works for several high profile digital businesses throughout the UK.
She has strong media and communication background, fuelled with experience working in the staffing industry in Salesforce and IT-related market.

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