Subject Access Request Policy


A key feature of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is the empowerment of individuals to be able to access and potentially amend/delete any information that an organisation holds about them. Data protection law is set out in the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Further information and advice is also available from the website (see link below) of the data protection regulator – the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). 

These notes are intended only as a guide to completing the Cloud Orca Subject Access
Request Form, not as a guide to Subject Access Requests under GDPR itself. For further advice on filling out the forms, please telephone us on 02034883985 (or email us at

Your Rights

Under GDPR you have (subject to certain exemptions) the right to be told whether Cloud Orca, as a data controller, is holding or processing any information about you; and if so, to be provided with a copy of that information or request for that information to be updated or deleted completely.

Cloud Orca’s Rights

Where an exemption is available under GDPR, Cloud Orca may not provide you with the information covered by the exemption. The main exemptions that may be applied are where the information held relates to:

  • the carrying out of our regulatory functions;
  • the prevention or detection of crime; or
  • the apprehension or prosecution of offenders;

and where disclosure of the information would be likely to prejudice any of these purposes. We are not required to tell you whether any exemptions have been applied to any information that we may provide, or whether any information has been withheld or the reason for the withholding of any information.


Cloud Orca will not charge a fee except in cases where Cloud Orca deems the request to be manifestly unfounded or excessive or where additional copies are requested in order to cover administration costs. Applications that are deemed to require a fee and do not include the correct fee in an acceptable form will not be processed.

Processing by Cloud Orca

Applications will be processed promptly, but in any event a response will be made within
30 calendar days, from the date that we accept the properly completed application form along with your proof of identity and (where applicable) fee.
Where Cloud Orca believes that the request is complex or numerousCloud Orca may extend the processing period to 60 days. In this eventCloud Orca will write to you to explain its decision to extend to 60 days within the 30 day period.
Cloud Orca reserves the right to return an application form if it is not completed in full. This is to ensure that the information that we provide is accurate. In additionCloud Orca will not accept or process applications forms unless it is provided with proof of.
Cloud Orca may refuse to deal with a request ifCloud Orca believes that the request is manifestly unfounded or excessive, particularly if it is repetitive. In this caseCloud Orca will write to you to explain it’s decision and advise of your right to complain or take further action should you so wish.

Section 1 – Your details

Please give us information about yourself that will assist us in finding the information you require. You should complete this section fully and carefully as the information will be used as the basis for our internal searches.
For your protection, any correspondence that we send you (including any information that we send to you in response to your request) will be sent only to the home address that you give here. Where you have submitted the request via your legal representatives and we have received your written authority , you are still required to complete the form in full and provide proof of identity. Our response will be sent to your legal representatives’ registered offices. The information will also help Cloud Orca to confirm your identity

Section 2 – Proof of identity

Cloud Orca has a duty to ensure that the information it processes is secure;Cloud Orca will only provide the information relating to you if we are satisfied regarding your identity, ie that you are entitled to the information. We therefore require you to provide us with reasonable proof of your identity. Applications that do not include acceptable identification will not be processed, but we will contact you should this be the case.
Cloud Orca does not have to give you any information that might identify any other individual unless that person agrees. If you believe that any informationCloud Orca holds about you may identify another person, you may wish to obtain that person’s written consent (to you being given his/her information). That should be submitted to us with this application, along with their proof of identity (to the same standard as is required for yourself).

Section 3 – Help us to find the information

In order to assist us with our searches, please try to specify as much information as possible and its possible location if known.

Section 4– Declaration

Please sign and date the application. We are unable to accept applications that have not been signed by the person whose details are supplied in section 1, and will not process any application unless it has been signed and dated.
Warning – attempting to obtain personal data to which you are not entitled may be a criminal offence.


When you have completed the form, please send it together with your proof of identity and fee to:
Data Protection Advisor Cloud Orca Limited, Cloud Orca Limited, 131 Finsbury Pavement, London, EC2A 1NT.

Forms that are not completed to a sufficient level will be returned; forms that are complete but for which suitable identification and/or fee (where applicable) have not been received will be put on hold until you send us the missing items.

Form Download 

You can download your form by emailing Please email us your details and we will send you a link to download the Subject Access Request Form.