Maximising the value of your data. Once you can clearly see and understand data, the more you can make of it, and that is where Tableau comes in.

Tableau’s mission is uncomplicated and compelling – to make vast amounts of business data simple, with powerful analytics and visualisations.


Turning data into actionable information

Data sitting in a CRM is all well and good, but to be able to turn data into gold, we must first turn it into information that can be understood.

By utilising the powerful capabilities of Tableau, you can take centralised Salesforce customer data and combine it with business data from other departments such as finance, IT, marketing, sales, marketing and support.

This provides the entire business with the ability to view real-time results, create custom dashboards, spot potential, make predictions and become truly data-driven across all departments.

Tableau provides deep analytical insights that is trusted by businesses across the world, turning data into a commodity that provides ROI.

Understand your business, in real-time

Track departments, trends and campaign results in real-time and make truly informed decisions.

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Making AI accessible

Tableau uses fast, accessible and transparent AI that uncover predictions and makes recommendations that provide the whole team with visibility and clarity over key drivers of the results you see. Meaning you can have true confidence in your decision-making.

Giving you full control over data integrity

Maintaining the integrity of data is important in every business. Tableau operates with a governance-centric approach that let you define the policies and procedures that ensures the right data is available to the right people.

Data preparation

Preparing data is no longer a labour-intensive task. Intuitive management of data via Tableau means your data can be cleansed, combined and visualise as an automated process. All you need to do is be ready to receive it.


Keeping compounding your ROI year after year with Tableau Exchange. An environment that provides access to a whole range of trusted and secure resources built by Tableau and third-party partners means you can consistently uncover and address use cases, accelerate time to value and secure a return.

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Access extra tools that level-up data


Industry or enterprise-specific dashboard templates and layouts that can be created rapidly, providing your business with answers to key business questions, and the ability to monitor and improve KPIs.

Dashboard Extensions

Increase the functionality of your dashboards and value of your data with extensions that offer greater visualisations, offer integrations with Teams for better collaboration, network analysis and much more.


Access additional databases, plug-ins and applications, as well as build and publish your own connector plugins.

‘With Tableau and CRM Analytics, you can join external data, make transformations to that data, and visualize it in almost infinite ways. A truly great way to slice or filter data by multiple dimensions’

- Mike Wazowski

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