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TRAILHEAD 101 – A beginners guide to the Salesforce learning platform

Salesforce Trailhead is a place where the Salesforce community usually starts to learn about itself. 

Judging by Wikipedia, the definition of a Trailhead goes something like this: “A trailhead is a point at which a trail begins, where the trail is often intended for hiking, biking, horseback riding, or off-road vehicles.”

We could agree on how Salesforce Trailhead is the point at which the Salesforce trail begins. 

Or as Salesforce likes to put it:

‘Trailhead is a fun way to learn Salesforce.’

In essence, the Trailhead platform provides knowledge, guidance and support for Salesforce professionals to climb up their CRM journey and achieve success along the way. The most impressive thing is – everyone can create an account on Trailhead for free and start learning Salesforce right away. Many Salesforce professionals use Trailhead to learn about Salesforce features, earn Salesforce credentials, prepare for exams, or to connect with the Salesforce community.

To better understand how Salesforce Trailhead can benefit your journey up the CRM mountain, we have listed down the most important factors to know about Trailhead. By the end of this article, you will too identify yourself as a Trailblazer!


Salesforce Trailhead components you need to know about

Every Trailhead component brings something of value, whether it’s for the individual or the company. Read on to understand what are the fundamental elements of Trailhead and how to use them!



Trailblazer is an expression that describes a Salesforce student. In general, the term Trailblazer refers to a pioneer, an innovator or a life-long learner. The best part is – anyone can be a Salesforce Trailblazer.  You can start your Trailblazer story by opening a free account on the Salesforce Trailhead right now. If you lack motivation or inspiration, go check out some of the fantastic Trailblazer’s stories here!




myTrailhead is an aspect of the Trailhead platform that organisations can use to assemble their own content that is relative to the specific company, and how it uses Salesforce.  In summation, organisations can use the Trailhead platform to offer the same learning experience to their employees as exhibited on Salesforce Trailhead. By doing this, the company leverages the Trailhead structure and its assets, such as gamified learning experience.

To top it all, an employee can have access to the companies’ myTrailhead content, while also accessing all of the other Salesforce Trailhead content.



Trails and modules

First and foremost, Salesforce Trailhead is a platform for learning. So if you’ve heard a fellow Salesforce colleague talking about a module or a trail on Trailhead, what they mean is an online class of some sorts.

Trails and modules are parts of the Trailhead structure in which, trails are at the top of the hierarchy, and are made of modules. Furthermore, modules are sums of units, and each unit ends with an assessment.




Trailmixes are routes you choose to take when learning about Salesforce. Trailhead users can choose to take a trailmix offered by Salesforce Trailhead, its members, or create their own based on their interest. Trailblazers create their trailmixes by joining trails, modules and projects.



Trailhead Points, Badges & Ranks

When blazing the trail on Salesforce Trailhead, not only do you learn new skills, but also earn badges, or dare I say – superbadges.

Trailblazers who use Trailhead to learn and explore earn badges by completing chosen modules and projects. However, obtaining superbadges will require employing the lessons learned in a real-world application. To win (or unlock) a superbadge you will first have to build up your Salesforce knowledge by collecting badges. Additionally, while blazing your Salesforce trail, you also earn points. Trailblazers collect points by taking challenges, quizzes or by finishing projects. Every completed step along the trail carries some points, which when accumulated, grant you higher ranks.



Trailblazer Community

The Trailblazer Community is a space where you can connect with the Salesforce peers, ask questions, share ideas, respond to queries, collaborate, or simply give back to the community. By engaging with the community, as a Trailblazer, you grow your Salesforce skills faster. Plus, by receiving help from your peers, you resolve problems with much less hassle.

Members of the Trailblazer community often organise events, and in-person group gatherings, where they exchange knowledge, experience and ideas.




As seen above, there are many incredible ways Salesforce learners can use the Trailhead platform. So, you might as well strap on your hiking boots and hop on the learning trail yourself.

Don’t know where to start? No worries, there is a trail for that!

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