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STAY UP-TO-DATE: 3 CRM trends to follow in 2021

So what does 2021 have in store from us from a CRM point of view?  What we can be sure of is that technology is constantly evolving and that means so do our businesses. Look at how CRM has changed over the past 5 years, it’s quicker, smarter, easier and more automated than ever before. We spoke about CRM trends for 2020 in this blog and they turned out to be fundamental so what do we think will play a huge part in 2021.


1) Customer Experience (CX)

CX will always play a fundamental part in any business and if you look at how businesses are evolving, customer service, support and satisfaction within a CRM platform is critical. From working with a lot of our clients, the experience that someone with your company is arguable as important as the product/services themselves.

As a company we offer support in a whole host of ways, Live Chat, Whatsapp, Facebook, a customer self-service portal – all of it and that bodes well for the future. Two of those points, most notable social channels and self-service can-and-will play a big part of 2021 as companies continue to adapt to the ever-changing situation.

2) Customer Self Service Portals

Somewhat overlooked, Self-service portals, we feel, have a huge part to play in 2021. We live in a world where all of us as customers want answers quickly and easily so what a great way to allow this using a Salesforce customer community. I mentioned above we have a self-service portal which allows customers access to ours (and Salesforce’s) knowledge base getting them answers quicker and way easier. If the answer isn’t there, guess what – there is Live Chat powered by AI which offers the customer a more personalised experience. If it is something a lot more specific they can live chat with a success agent or even better Whatsapp or Facebook message us! AND If they really want to, they are able to DM us on Twitter and I see these channels alongside self-service capabilities being more important than ever.

3) Social Media

Accessing your social media data within a CRM platform is going to be critical of a lot of companies in 2021. Whether it is to publish adverts or posts, engage with their audience (service, marketing and sales) or analyse data – having this within one platform will benefit a lot of companies. We’re active on social as a society more than ever so what better way to reach your customers than via these channels.


Final Thoughts

No doubt within 2021, AI will continue to improve and make bigger strides, and which will undoubtedly help on all fronts; whether it be sales, service and/or marketing. Looking back at this article from Salesforce 2020 saw more than 80 billion predictions every day across all Salesforce products (sales, service, marketing, commerce). CRM platforms will also (in theory) become easier to use and more automated than ever.  This will lead to more leads, more sales, better customer experience and importantly BETTER DATA. With better data we can all make quicker and defined decisions in how we adapt moving forwards.


How did you find your CRM in 2020? What are you most looking forward to seeing in 2021? Let us know in the comments below.

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