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Community Cloud

What is Community Cloud?

Salesforce Community Cloud is a neat way to share knowledge and collaborate with people outside your company who are essential to your business, including customers, partners, or employees. It’s built as a social platform – putting to use chatting and screen sharing options through Salesforce’s Chatter. The Community Cloud platform will allow its users to exchange data and images in real-time throughout an ongoing conversation. Additionally, through its features, the platform enables the community culture to grow. From the company employees to customers and even partners of your organisation, everybody has a chance to connect and exchange experiences or useful insights.

With Salesforce Community Cloud companies of all sizes can build beautifully branded portals, customisable forums, and sites faster than ever before.


Why invest in Community Cloud?

Community Cloud will enable your organisation to grow and extend its network by connecting your channel partners to your CRM or marketing automation platform. It will support your community of business contacts by automatically suggesting links to experts, groups and even relevant content. These recommendations are personalised based on individual interests, needs, and behaviour.

Community Cloud will additionally extend your online presence in a nurturing environment that will become an interactive extension of your brand. Through the Chatter collaboration tool, your workforce can collaborate on assignments, find subject-matter experts and get quick project updates. 

It will help you foster a more innovative workplace where anyone can contribute to your organisational growth from any place on earth.


Benefits of Community Cloud?


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Create a family around your business

Build an interactive and friendly community for your partners, customers or even volunteers.

SalesForce Rescue

Talk To Your Customers

Receive trusted and swift feedback on your products by interacting with your customers.

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Energise Your Partners

Connect resellers, distributors, and partners to grow sales and provide the hottest leads and opportunities for them to connect with.

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Vitalise Your Community

Design beautiful templates with easy to use features.

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Stay Safe

Shape the community profiles the way you want them to be. No permission – no access.