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Field Service Lightning

What is Field Service Lightning?

Field Service Lightning is a platform from Salesforce that allows your field agents to access relevant information instantly and deal with any problems that arise “in the field”. Field Service Lightning is built on Service Cloud CRM, which paves the way to a better connection between your field service workforce and the customer service professionals.

The platform will provide invaluable real-time communication and exchange of any relevant information. It’s so effective because it employs technology such as tablets, for field agents to conveniently view and manage cases, track customer histories and learn about the customer. For a service business, there are a lot of moving parts, especially when field service is included. It is why this technology solution is of great value, as it streamlines any appointments, communications and cases, all from one easy-to-use dashboard.


Why invest in Field Service Lightning?

If your organisation performs field service activities, this platform will prove itself valuable both to your field agents and customers. Field Service Lightning is an expert at helping the field agents be where they need to be, on time, and with all the information they need. This way they provide the best possible experience for the customer. 

At its core, Field Service Lightning is a robust and highly customisable set of tools. You can use them to set up a mobile-friendly field service hub directly in Salesforce. The best part of Field Service Lightning is that it will boost your operations immensely. Your agents will be able to access schedules, inventory and even knowledge base articles. This will result in immediate improvements in service during the very first visit with a customer (which is usually a challenging task to do). 

All of this can even be achieved without a constant internet connection, which makes it that much more impressive.


Benefits of Field Service Lightning?


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Manage assignments anytime from anywhere

Field Service Lightning is a mobile tool. It will allow you to manage, check, change or report on your tasks from anywhere. Your field agents will enjoy all the features of a traditional on-site job while working on the go.

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Automate and adjust your service as needed

Field Service Lightning feature will automate your decision-making process. It will be able to locate the nearest service technician to a given customer or match them with a representative that has the right skills for the given assignment. This way, it guarantees your customers get the best possible experience.

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AI-powered insight

Field Service Lightning has its own AI helping hand – Einstein Vision which will recognise any image and provide information on it. In the world of field service, it’s a pretty significant achievement.

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Faster Service

Field Service Lightning is helpful in the equipment and inventory management as well as planning appointments. The benefits of this scheduling automation are maximised by making sure that every technician in the field has the right equipment and adequate knowledge to get the job done on the first visit.

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Improved productivity

Field Service Analytics will empower you to get the most out of your mobile workforce by tracking numerous metrics. Once you understand the repetitive issues your agent’s encounter, you can greatly reduce the time it takes to resolve customer complaints or avoid them altogether.