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The only way your team can gain a competitive edge as well as future-proof and grow your business is through making informed decisions. To make this happen, your systems need to be fully connected, allowing crucial data to flow throughout your business.

What are API’s & Integrations?

In short - API’s and integrations mean that time is spent where it needs to be - on profitable tasks.

They enable full connectivity and automation, allowing multiple software and systems to talk to each other - providing you and your teams with immediate access to all the data and information you need. No more time spent searching through various applications means increased productivity.

Collaboration is the key to success, and API’s make collaboration between departments far easier. Through superior connection, your team can eliminate frustrations when it comes to locating, storing and sharing data; leading to an efficient, consistent and enhanced experience both inside and outside your organisation.

Increase in business process efficiency using APIs
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Customer Success Story

Claro Money


The Result
Cloud Orca worked with Claro Money to integrate Salesforce with their mobile app to have a complete view of their customers and their customer activity. REST APIs were used to push and pull data both in real time and in batch processes.
This allowed the Claro Money team to have instant access to their customers and use this information for customer services and for marketing.

Cloud Orca have been a partner we can rely on and would highly recommend. We were impressed with how quickly they implemented our requirements within the promised timeframe!

Alexander Ford, CRO

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Time for a customer to be created in Salesforce from the mobile app
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Based solution using Salesforce
Different systems integrated to share data in real time

Our Process

Benefits of API’s and Integrations

Robust, connected and collaborative business

Make the valuable connections between the data sets, tools and software that make your business operations more efficient, productive and profitable.

Improve productivity 

Reduce time spent manually performing tasks and searches that can be automated using custom APIs and integrations. Time that can be spent on the tasks that matter.

Align all departments

Synchronise, and provide access data across all departments to achieve consistency, clarity and innovation- while keeping security controls in place.

Automation and streamlined workflow processes 

Digitise and automate workflows and services to provide a better customer experience and operate in a more efficient, reliable and profitable way.

Full visibility through reports powered by integrations

Build custom reports that collect and delivers the information and insights from multiple sources that really matters, powering decision making.

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