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Marketing Automation

A centralised environment that uses customer and prospect behaviour and insights from multiple sources to deliver highly personalised nurture sequences and campaigns.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Capture data, gather insights and reach new insights and become highly data-driven.

Leverage the power of automation to increase leads, power up sales and improve productivity and profitability across your business. When teams are released from labour-intensive tasks, they can put their efforts into high-impact activity that drives ROI.

 If you want to quickly deploy personalised and responsive automated marketing campaigns that deliver an ROI, Marketing Cloud is the platform for you.

Using powerful data analytic, listening and personalisation tools, like Salesforce Account Engagement and Datorama to name a few, Salesforce Marketing Cloud can predict the next steps your audience will take, triggering an action that delivers a customised journey. This means that your business is seen to be treating each customer or lead as an individual, and not just another business within a market segment.

By pulling information from other business departments, such as customer service, Marketing Cloud can adapt activities based on the account history and satisfaction levels, making sure your audience receive relevant messages at the appropriate time.

Increase in lead generation
Exposure across all digital channels

Customer Success Story

AZA Finance

The Result
Through Cloud Orca's implementation of Marketing Cloud, AZA Finance were able to increase the number of leads generated across multiple channels. Using integrated Facebook advertising forms, AZA captured leads and were instantly able to place them on a lead nurture journey. Marketing Cloud journey builder was then utilised to automatically nurture the lead through MQL and then onto SQL meaning the marketing team could influence communications across the end-to-end business processes.

Cloud Orca have been instrumental in helping us get started on Salesforce Marketing Cloud. They were with us every step of the way and ensured that we were able to meet our timelines to get it up and running. They took a lot of time to understand our business and our goals to be able to provide us with better insights.

Zahra Waliji, Content Manager

For a lead to enter through Facebook and receive initial communications
Different digital channels able to be reached
Number of leads generated by marketing

Our Process

Benefits of Marketing Cloud

Centralise your marketing operations

Align sales, marketing and service operations by using a single platform to collect, analyse, store and report on data - before using it to create automated campaigns.

Achieve omnichannel communication

Build brand consistency and advocacy by automating campaigns across multiple channels.

In-depth data analysis

Collect, store and analyse large sets of data using powerful analytics software power to create marketing campaigns fuelled by audience insights.

Behavioural insights to become customer-centric

Integrate CRM intelligence with marketing automation to dive into your customer behaviour, learn where they sit in the buying cycle and the content and interactions that get them to convert.

Personalised and responsive campaigns

Use your audience's behaviours and activities to create personalised content and campaigns that increase conversion rate.

Why invest in Marketing Cloud?

The key differentiator in today’s landscape is highly personalised messaging, delivered at the right time. This can’t be done using guesswork. Adopting a centralised platform that gives you 360 customer data and behavioural insights will inspire your team to align analytics with creativity - a powerful combination that will see you get in front of your audience when it drives high-level engagement.

Explore increasing your marketing ROI with Cloud Orca.

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