Salesforce Implementation

Orca Maps - Give rise to a more visual experience by mapping your Salesforce data

Orca Maps is a Salesforce-native application created to help locate Accounts, Leads, Contacts or any custom objects using the Google Maps interface

In a few simple steps use Orca Maps to: 

  • Visualise the location of your Accounts, Contacts and Leads, along with any custom objects you wish to map 
  • Choose filters to make the data more actionable
  • Switch between different views for greater understanding
  • Enjoy a light and straightforward user interface

Orca Maps allows you to:

  • Plug and play application, no subscription models
  • Cost effective Salesforce mapping solution
  • Seamless integration with your Salesforce platform
  • Intelligently built to meet the needs of all-level users
  • Supported by Salesforce experts
  • Suitable with Salesforce mobile app
  • Continuously improved to assure user satisfaction

You can purchase, download and install from the Salesforce AppExchange here!

SalesForce Rescue

Ditch the clunky mapping solutions – Orca Maps empowers users of all levels to engage in data visualisation.
By providing a simple user experience, we ensure the application is used to its full capacity, at all times.
No need to dig into complex settings or spend hours studying the features, with Orca Maps you plug and play!

SalesForce Rescue

Experience a no-sweat installation process – Orca Maps is natively built on the Salesforce platform, meaning it will slide into your Salesforce environment effortlessly. By following our simple Installation Guide and leveraging Cloud Orca support, your Orca Maps will be running in no time.

SalesForce Rescue

Configure Orca Maps with ease – Orca Maps allows you to set the app capabilities up to suit the specific needs of every organisation. By employing its user-friendly drag and drop features, admins can choose which objects, filters or view compositions they would like to display in the map in just a few simple steps.

SalesForce Rescue

Understand your data to a greater degree – Orca Maps is designed to aid the understanding of your Salesforce data. Use the visuals to back up your reports, get inspired, or to gain more transparency on your customers.