Salesforce Implementation

Our Process

New ventures can be daunting. Implementation of a new system is a whole another level.

To get comfortable with the idea of working with us during the implementation, take a sneak peek into our process.


You can expect 👇👇👇👇


Onsite workshops

We believe in collaboration above all. We know listening and understanding of your needs is the first step towards a successful implementation. To get things right (the first time), we organise workshops with main stakeholders to go through any requirements you may have.  Together, we will get it out in the open. We will design a plan. We will set the desired outcome. We will go for it.

Agile Methodology

The agile approach is all about learning fast, adjusting often, and reacting to your needs in real-time.  When working under this methodology, you can rest assured all your requirements will be met, as the communication will be continuous. Ultimately, by following the agile methodology, we will fine-tune as much as needed to reach your desired result.

Next Gen Project Management

As a forward thinking company we use the award winning ClickUp project management tool for all our projects. ClickUp is the future of project management with features such as goal and time tracking, it is also highly customisable meaning we can tailor our approach to our customers. With ClickUp, you can be in the loop on any tasks or projects, tracking progress or issues while working towards a set timeline.


Jargon Free Approach

Assignments. Rules. Cases. Record types. Api’s. Apex. Do any of these words ring any bells? They don’t have to. We speak the language everyone understands. There is no need for technical jargon. Any term that we can’t explain in simple words, we won’t use.  Although, if you prefer to speak the “Salesforce lingo”, we won’t complain. We are easy-going like that.


Data Model – Build Data Architecture

We build a structure in which you will store your data in Salesforce. Salesforce platform provides with a standard model which allows you to customise the data models for custom functionality. 


Mapping Business Processes 

Everything you will need for the successful use of Salesforce systems – we will gladly deliver. We see ourselves as master planners. Our mapping process includes gathering the essential information, develop the process map and analysing it together. If there is an opportunity to improve, we will see it. If the process is satisfying, we will deliver it. Additionally, we will produce materials for training and coaching purposes, using tools such as Visio & Gliffy.


End-User Training (both remote and onsite)

After a successful Salesforce implementation – user adoption comes in the spotlight. Training your end-users to carry on with impressive work on a new platform is an essential part of your digital transformation. We thrive on new challenges that allow us to explain Salesforce capabilities to new users. We love to share the magic of Salesforce by compiling workshops and training sessions.


Ongoing Customer Success

As your business grows – your needs evolve. Our support team of experts will ensure your needs are met at all times, and your Salesforce instance is running at the most optimal level. We always aim to help organisations sustainably. Our goal is to build a long-lasting and trusting relationship with your organisation. If you succeed, we succeed.


Access to Cloud Orca Support Community 

To get the most out of your Salesforce implementation, we provide access to our support community to all of our beloved clients. If you would like to find answers to your burning questions, share insights or connect with Salesforce users join our friendly community today.

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