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Marketing Automation

What is Pardot? (Par-DOT, with the T pronounced!)

Pardot is your marketing big brother. It’s a tool that helps you increase your marketing (and sales) effectiveness. With Pardot on your side, you can rest assured all your marketing activities are performing in the best possible way. 

It will help you automate repetitive tasks, provide insight into your campaign performance and notify you when you need to act quickly on your prospects. Pardot (Salesforce’s marketing automation tool) helps businesses that sell products or services to other businesses (B2B).


Why do you need Pardot?

If you have a functional business website and operate in a B2B sector you can use Pardot to increase your conversions. It will provide you with a comprehensive view of your customers, from the moment they land on your website to the time when they sign up for the demo. 

For marketers, it enables better performance in tracking, campaigning, scoring and reporting. For salespeople, it delivers more trustworthy insight into prospects, allowing for more personalised communication and, therefore, more closed deals.

As every organisation is unique, Pardot offers extensive customisation, meaning you can adjust it to fit your exact needs. Pardot will be your best friend through the sales funnel, optimising your email communication as you move your customer through its various stages. Even though Pardot supports other channels as well, it shines brightest in email marketing. Which is great, because 95% of organisations use email as their primary channel for communicating with prospects and customers. 

This is where you will be amazed at what Pardot can do to personalise communication and measure its effectiveness. 


Why invest in Pardot?


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Simple Setup for Powerful Email Marketing

You focus on your digital marketing assets, and Pardot will do the rest. 

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In-depth Prospect Tracking

Pardot’s ability to track website visitors before they become registered prospects or customers is extremely valuable.

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Powerful Lead Nurturing

Pardot is one of the best lead nurturing machines in the market. It enables you to design lead nurturing programs for all stages of the customer journey. Studies have proven that nurtured leads far outspend non-nurtured leads.

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Prospect Grading and Scoring

Pardot helps you to demystify the leads that you have coming in. Some of them will not fit your lead standards, while others will not be engaged. Lead scoring and grading will both save the sales department a lot of time. This function will help to ensure you only chase leads that are worthwhile.

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ROI and Pipeline Reporting

Like to quickly see reports on your marketing spend? You will adore Pardot. It provides quick insight into the performance and measurements that matter to you.

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Sales & Marketing Collaboration

Pardot will connect to your Salesforce instance seamlessly. The Salesforce CRM-Pardot integration means you have one super-charged marketing and sales platform. If you use other solutions in your business, do not worry – Pardot offers an extensive list of integrations and API’s.