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Sales Cloud

The foundation for your team to effectively spot sales opportunities using insights, manage leads, grow accounts and close deals quickly. It also allows leaders to identify top performers and those that need further training and support.

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Empower your sales team with an intuitive CRM Platform

Increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability through powerful automation and a centralised customer relationship management tool. Highly accessible, Sales Cloud works across devices and operating systems, providing data in real-time. This means that regardless of location, the platform can be used to identify sales opportunities, make data-informed decisions and gain full visibility over the sales pipeline.

Average increase in sales productivity
More accurate and dependable sales forecasting

Customer Success Story

Chilly's Bottles

The Result
Through Cloud Orca's implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud, Chilly's Bottles were able to quickly and efficiently assign leads to the right sales person at the right time. This meant that the lead qualification time was cut by over half.
Additionally, a suite of management reports were built by the Cloud Orca team giving the Chilly's management team full visibility at all times into business sales operations.

Cloud Orca were an amazing help to our scoping, implementation and training success. This was our first venture with a CRM platform and they were there every step of the way!

Barrie Gilmour

Quicker to qualify leads using Salesforce Sales Cloud
Increase in sales productivity managing leads
Average time to run a sales report

Our Process

Benefits of Sales Cloud

Increased conversion rate

Intelligently capture leads, apply quality scores to identify opportunities, and effectively track nurture sequence to help convert leads to sales.

Data-informed decisions and customer insights

Powerful data processing and analytics cut down time spent manually searching for information while providing your team with the information they need to close deals.

Improve pipeline forecasting and visibility

Accurately track revenue, contract value, opportunities in the sales pipeline and much more by consolidating business data and applying predictive analytics.

Enhanced & detailed reporting

Powerful analytics software allows you to build custom reports with drag and drop filters and groupings to track critical business metrics and sales team performance.

Why invest in Sales Cloud?

A powerful data tool, Sales Cloud provides deep insights into customer behaviour, allowing you to build a pipeline that can be managed, and grown, in a superior way - based on their needs and wants. This enables your team to offer a personalised customer experience, using real-time data to act accordingly, leading to more conversions, using less effort.

You are only as good as your weakest team member. As a business leader, you get a better overview of your teams performance, identifying training opportunities and career progression paths.

Metrics tracking and performance insight features offer full visibility over your sales pipeline, empowering accurate forecasting. A simple and customisable platform, Sales Cloud supports your team in converting leads and retaining clients, leading to profit longevity.

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