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Retaining customers is more profitable than acquiring new ones. Service Cloud from Salesforce equips your team with data and customer behaviour across multiple different channels.

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Customer service now means delivering a personalised experience.
Your team can provide this through Service Cloud.

Service Cloud from Salesforce equips your team with data and customer behaviour from various channels, including social media. This connected and comprehensive view means they can deliver a unique, bespoke service to each one - increasing their lifetime value. Service Cloud leads to increases in productivity, contact resolution and customer retention.

The platform provides powerful insights that mean your team are proactive and responsive - wherever they are. Service Cloud can be accessed remotely and securely from any location or device, meaning that remote teams can provide the same service as an in-house team, achieving consistency.

Greater first time customer deflection
Average increase in agent productivity

Customer Success Story


The Result
Nimbla contracted Cloud Orca to implement a multi-cloud Salesforce solution which included Service Cloud.
Using multiple different customer communication channels including email and live chat, the solution involved routing the support enquiry to the relevant support agent using automated logic. The result meant that customer enquiries and issues were resolved in record time.
Nimbla also leveraged 3rd party apps from the Salesforce AppExchange like DocuSign. Cloud Orca implemented DocuSign as part of the process to add advanced automations into the system once documents had been e-signed.

Cloud Orca are a dedicated and knowledgeable team, from day one they were professional and committed to coming up with solutions that were the right fit for the business. Cloud Orca stayed engaged and committed to getting to the job done throughout.

Phil Hunter, COO

Average time for customer agent first response
Increase in customer support agent efficiency
Number of enquires able to be dealt with using Service Cloud

Our Process

Benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud

Increase lifetime value 

Collect, store and leverage first-party data to consistently engage with your customers and increase their lifetime value.

 Increased service agent productivity

Manage customers in a fast and simple way using intuitive case management, knowledge management and entitlement management best practice.

Deliver an omnichannel, connected experience

Powered by AI, cases can be pushed from multiple channels to the service team in real-time, allowing for the correct organisation and prioritisation according to employee availability, capacity and ability.

Full view of customer's history and behaviour 

Enable intelligent conversations and resolve cases quicker by using a unified view containing details of every customer interaction across the business, prebuilt performance dashboards and AI analytics.

Why invest in Service Cloud?

Do you want to increase efficiency and profitability in your business? Investing in intuitive software that offers powerful insights alongside automation and workflow streamlining allows your team to achieve this. Upgrading means cutting out time wasted on administrative tasks required by outdated software.

Cloud Service offers a single-pane view of your customer’s online and offline activity and behaviour and experience to date. Armed with this level of information, your team’s capability is quickly demonstrated, making decisions based on data and have conversations that prove each customer is treated as an important individual - leading to increased satisfaction and retention.

Interested in Salesforce
Service Cloud?

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