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Service Cloud

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Service Cloud is a cloud platform from Salesforce built to support customer service operations. It’s powerful features give you a complete view of your customer interactions, which enables you to deliver quicker, better, smarter, and truly personalised service.
With Service Cloud on your side, you can automate service processes, streamline and simplify workflows and subsequently transform the customer experience. Connecting with every customer, across multiple channels and on any device was never easier.
The platform is designed to increase agent productivity and cater to their needs.

With features such as email to case, skills-based routing and milestone tracking – Service Cloud gives agents the tools and resources to quickly and efficiently respond to customers. Agents enjoy a more streamlined experience, while customers relish in the support you provide for them.

Why invest in Service Cloud?

If your business thrives on satisfied customers, Service Cloud will make sure your organisation continues to enjoy the abundance of them.

Salesforce Service Cloud offers customisable reports and dashboards. You can set them to monitor your service metrics or track KPI’s – for example – customer satisfaction score or average handling time.
Dashboards secure high-level visibility at a momentary glance, while customisable reports let you drill down to any performance details.
Once you set your business goals and customise Service Cloud to your preference, you will be able to monitor metrics and meet those goals with much less effort than usual.


Benefits of Service Cloud?


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A centralised system

Salesforce Service Cloud is the industry standard for an integrated and powerful tool that enables customer service departments to run as efficiently as possible. With a complete and shared view of every customer’s interaction, you will empower your service agents to react faster and smarter.

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Fast and real-time service

With Service Cloud features such as Live Agent, you can enable your customers to reach out to your agents via live chat. Your customers will be able to obtain information immediately, which leads to satisfied reviews and high ratings. Otherwise, the Lightning Console will enable your agents to access customer data at any time, to shorten the response time and increase the customer satisfaction score.

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Scale it up as you go

Once you optimise the Service Cloud platform to your exact needs, you will be amazed at the number of opportunities to stack solutions to this platform. No matter which industry you operate in, or the type of customer you serve, having Service Cloud will guarantee any future needs are sorted. With its arsenal of integrations and widespread use, you will never go worried about the lack of available tools.

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Insightful metrics

With Service Wave feature, you will be able to observe how your customer service team operates in real-time. Its powerful analytics engine will provide in-depth insight at a glance and help you find ways to support your service team with data-backed metrics.

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Cross-channel support

Support your customers, no matter which channel they choose to use in their interaction with your organisation.