An all-digital team needs the tools that provide efficiencies -that means instant communication, simple collaboration and easy access to documentation. The Slack and Salesforce integration provides all of this.


Slack + Salesforce - Better, together. 

Everyone in your team – at your fingertips

Email feels outdated. There, we said it. In todays world of ‘instant’ – waiting for inter-department responses to an email when you could just ask, or answer, a question in an instant message is a no brainer, for any organisation.

To keep moving forward, the art of conversation is essential – Slack empowers these conversations, allowing digital spaces to nurture powerful relationships between colleagues and departments that will continue to elevate your business time and time again.

Sales, Service and Marketing teams will all feel the benefits of quicker sales cycles, improved productivity, leveraging real-time customer insights and streamlined workflows.

Whether it’s working together on projects, automating tasks, safely sharing data, ensuring a high level of communication across a company and turning compelling conversations into ideas, Slack unifies teams and provide a central point for the magic to happen. And boy, does it happen.

Connect your tools, connect your teams

Centralise your systems and bring your tools to your teams. Then watch the conversation and ideas flow.

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Unified and secure

Enterprise-grade data protection is deployed to provide peace of mind. Slack adheres to 9 compliance certifications and attestations, including ISO, SOC and APEC. From Identity & device management to data protection and information governance, your business and data are safe with Slack.

No additional costs

Where there is Salesforce, there’s Slack. The Slack & Salesforce integration is available as part of your Salesforce package, and there are several options for native integrations and API’s. Share results, deals, leads and opportunities in one centralised place and increase ROI – without spending more.

Works on the move

Chats and channels can be accessed on any device, from anywhere in the world. This means those neuron-firing, shower-thinking ideas can be shared with the team before they get forgotten. It also means businesses can benefit from a global talent pool or a team that’s on the move without slowing them down.


Did we mention efficiency? Alongside fuelling conversations that take your teams, and business, from good to great, there are also great features such as Flow, that liberates admins by automating tasks, workflows and business processes. Salesforce Apex language means Slack apps can be built to connect further with your Salesforce data, safely and securely.

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Working together, whatever your style (or location)

Public channels

It’s a party, and everyone is invited. Public channels are open to anyone within your organisation. Increase transparency, keep your people informed and provide context to all your conversations.

Private channels

Invite only events. Private channels ensure that information that is on a need-to-know basis is only seen by those who need to know. Access is granted to individuals and cannot be viewed by those who have not received invites.

Slack Connect

Invite external users from other organisations in slack channels to speed up communication, and foster a culture of collaboration with clients, vendors, agencies and more.

‘The thing that keeps us connected the most is Slack. It’s a very immediate and straightforward method of communication, and really the only channel that people prefer and enjoy using.’

- Adam Lewis, Aguettant

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