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Woobot: Real-Time Slack & Teams Integration With Salesforce

Here at Cloud Orca we’ve seen our customers’ business disrupted by the Covid 19 event.

Work activities and client interactions have all substantially moved online at a record pace. Platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack have taken over as organisation work to bridge the collaboration gap. 

The disruption this is causing represents a new opportunity to blend technology, change management, and process transformation as enterprises look to harness this new normal. We are in the early stages of a massive change in how people interact with each other and their data.

While Sales and Support teams work to deliver world-class customer experiences remotely, the face-to-face moments that drove success have been replaced by Microsoft Teams and Slack. As much as 70% of all remote employee time is now spent inside a collaboration environment. When it comes to Salesforce, the need to unlock your CRM data to support these conversations has become more important than ever.

With this trend comes a renewed demand for better access to Salesforce data to drive the business forward – all enabled within these messaging platforms to prevent app-switching and align the organization. The traditional answers to these needs were met with poorly planned IT initiatives that attempted to extend systems that were never meant to deliver these capabilities, or worse yet, a litany of point solutions whose data was either inaccessible or poorly integrated. 

To help customers bridge this divide, we’ve partnered with to enable Salesforce teams to operate natively from within their collaboration platforms of choice. With native support for Microsoft Teams and Slack, brings a secure – native integration to power work across all Salesforce clouds.

Their solution has been certified in Salesforce Appexchange, Slack App Store and the Microsoft Teams AppSource and supports your security protocols already in place today.

To learn more about this powerful solution, please contact us to see how your employees can drive productivity where they already spend their day.


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Tony is Cloud Orca's Customer Success Director. He has vast experience across media, technology, sports, events and broadcasting and focuses on Cloud Orca customer success. Tony ensures that customers receive what they expect during their implementation and manages their fruition with the platform and Cloud Orca by creating a product roadmap for mutual success.

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